Cobra Kai Season 6 casting call – Cobra Kai is an American television series based on the genre of martial arts comedy-drama created by Josh Heald.

The series begins in the fall of 2017, and re-examines the “Miyagi-Verse” narrative from Johnny’s point of view, beginning with his decision to reopen the Cobra Kai karate dojo and the rekindling of his old rivalry with Daniel.

If you have been watching Cobra Kai since it began airing on YouTube then we are sure you are desperate for its sixth season release date. Every season of this action-packed teen karate television series has left me in suspense and full of energy. Similarly, the fifth season of the series ended on a cliffhanger. Fans and critics are quite desperate to know what will happen in the upcoming season.

Yes, short clips were released where we saw lots of new teachers joining and spreading the karate brand all over the world. We will surely expect some of those things in its sixth installment which will be released soon. Moreover, when it comes to the release date of the sixth season of Cobra Kai, Netflix is yet to announce the official premiere date. 

Until then you could visit Netflix once again and binge-watch all the five seasons of this amazing karate-teen television series. 

Both on YouTube and Netflix, the series attracted large audiences, and it has won praise from critics for its script, acting, action sequences, humor, character development, and respect for the earlier movies.

The third season was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series at the 73rd Primetime Emmy Honors, one of many awards and nominations it has garnered.

Are you interested in applying for the auditions for Cobra Kai Season 6? Here is all the information on Cobra Kai season 6 auditions.

Cast of Cobra kai season 6 while shooting
Cobra Kai Season 6 Filming

Cobra Kai Casting Call – How to apply?

Ever since the first season of Cobra Kai was released, it took an instant hit on YouTube. People from all across the country and the world started watching this attractive series. Now, as it has aired five successful seasons so far one cannot expect to land a lead role for the sixth season unless they are very lucky.

But, one can surely join as an extra in the upcoming season. Now, there are multiple ways to apply for the Cobra Kai season 6 casting call. Here is one process how one can apply for it:-

Instead of following this method, you can directly send your application to the official production company of this television series. Moreover, the show is currently hiring extras from all ethnicities.

Eligibility Criteria & Requirements for Cobra Kai Audition

There are no set eligibility standards or prerequisites for Cobra Kai Season 6 auditions; rather, everything relies on the part, its demands, and its requirements. The production company always includes a brief description of the part whenever they post for casting roles, such as:

  • Height required.
  • Fairness.
  • Ethnicity.
  • Vocal range.
  • Prior experience.
  • Qualities.
  • Influence on social media.

Although there are no eligibility criteria for Stranger Things Season 5 auditions, there are a few tips from the directors of the show which might help you in grabbing a role in Cobra Kai Season 6.

  • Try going through an agent or talent agency.
  • Experience is important, but it’s not always necessary.
  • Practice is the next thing you must do. Understand that you will be up against experienced performers too, so practice adequately to feel prepared and confident on your big casting call day.

How to audition for Cobra Kai Season 6 ?

The casting call for the sixth season of Cobra Kai is seeking extras for various roles. The filming is expected to take place in Atlanta, GA. On the other hand, the selected roles will have shooting dates between Monday, May 8, 2023, and Friday, May 12, 2023. If you have applied for any role then you must be present on these days. Make sure to ask for any necessary details that will be required for your audition rounds.

Here are some audition tips for Cobra Kai Auditions :

  • Prepare to get physical, you will hardly get 45 minutes to learn & perform the audition scene.
  • Have an online presence, as they use various casting platforms sometimes from Instagram, Youtube, or google.

Cobra Kai Season 6 Registration

An application link for the Cobra Kai Season 6 auditions 2023 will be updated soon on, where you can submit your application.

You can directly contact the production unit of Netflix if you wish to be taken into consideration for more significant speaking roles, such as those of series regulars. Characters that appear on numerous episodes, guests, or co-stars, you’ll almost probably need to do so through your acting agency or management.

Cobra Kai Audition Process 

Now, most characters previously in Cobra Kai did not go through an audition or audition process. For example, the character ‘George’ in Cobra Kai Season 1 which was played by Kurth Yue revealed, that he did not give any auditions for his role. He just received an email from the officials saying they wanted to book him for the character of George. 

He also revealed that he might not have auditioned for the character but, he had auditioned for Cobra Kai three times earlier. If you happen to audition for Cobra Kai, you are not only auditioning for a particular role but, for the future of the show. The casting director will remember you and will bring in a new role so that you can play it. For background actors, one will not require to go through any audition process.

Cobra Kai 6 Audition Date

The auditions for Cobra Kai 2023 have already begun. Though the producers and casting directors are not looking for any actors to play the leading characters in Cobra Kai Season 6, you can still appear for auditions for other roles in the series.

Cobra Kai Season 6 Casting Call

There is no need to get disheartened or feel dejected if the casting directors are not auditioning for the major roles in Cobra Kai season 6 auditions.

You can still try out your luck as there are numerous opportunities in the Cobra Kai season 6 casting call, even for small minor roles in the show.

If you are able to show your best acting skills for the minor roles, then it could be your gate pass to other bigger roles elsewhere, as Cobra Kai 6 is a very popular series having a hefty viewership.

An application link for the Netflix Cobra Kai season 6 casting call 2023 will be updated soon on, where you can submit your application.

Was Cobra Kai renewed for Season 6?

Cobra Kai has been announced by Netflix for its sixth season & filming will begin shortly.

When will Cobra Kai Season 6 be released?

Cobra Kai will be released somewhere in 2024, as of now the story has been already written, and season 6 has already been announced but there is no update regarding filming. So we have to wait for the official announce the date of the Cobra Kai Season 6 release date.