Crystal Williams in the Lizzo Dance Group

People who have followed the Lizzo dance group for a long time then they will know the famous Crystal Williams. Crystal Williams is recently making some sour headlines in the world because of some unimaginable gesture.

Crystal Williams from lizzo

The first time she started performing in this dance group was back in 2021. But, her journey in this dance group did not go very well and all of the blame goes to her attitude.

When it comes to her profession, Crystal Williams loves dancing and she started dancing when she is in five grade. Yes, she has been in the dancing world since she was a very young girl. Further, in this article, we will talk about everything about Crystal Williams and her recent controversies that are making her popular but, negative. 

Crystal Williams Bio and Early Life 

Crystal Williams is a professional former dancer for Lizzo. She is from Houston, Texas. Her interest in dancing came when she was in the fifth grade. Her first dance was through her church’s praise team which also included stomp elements.

Later, when she found her passion for dance she started taking part in many different dancing programs. Crystal even took part in her school’s drill teams and joined new dance studios when she was very young. 

When it comes to her education, she has attended Sam Houston State University where she completed her education pursuing mass communication. Her incredible dance moves are what made her so famous in the dancing world today. Mass communication was the degree that she felt would provide a plethora of opportunities and lead to a career that she would be very passionate about.

But, she did not stop her dance classes as she continued to pursue dance through an on-campus group called Fade to Black. Other than this, she became a member of many other organizations which included NAACP, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, and many more. 

During her freshman year, she won the Ms. Black and Gold Pageant which was hosted by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Other than this, she also participated in the Miss Sam Houston Pageant in her junior year.

Unfortunately, she did not win her second pageant, she did feel it was important to participate and she showed the world that, a plus-size body like her can be beautiful and pageant-worthy. 

Crystal Williams’s Career as Lizzo’s Backup Dancer

Crystal’s career flourished when she joined Lizzo. But, that did not go very well for her and the friends she made in the group. When she started posting casting calls for dancers on her different social media platforms, she even submitted a demo reel of herself. 

She then started performing in Lizzo back in 2021. Interestingly, she was also known as “crystal williams lizzo dancer”. She started her journey in this dance group with an audition, and soon she quickly became an important member or part of the Big Grrrls.

She even did collaborations with other dancers and one of the famous dancers is none other than Arianna Davis. Both of these amazing dancers bought a new dimension to Lizzo’s dance shows. 

On the other hand, another great dancer Noelle Rodriguez who joined in 2020 bought elegance to Lizzo’s performances. She had a role with Crystal Williams and both of them left audiences and viewers mesmerized. But, this did not go very well with her and some of her friends that she met in the dance group.

Crystal Williams’s Net Worth 

Ever since she was a kid she started dancing and performed in various stages and groups. Initially, she did not receive any monetary benefits from the group but, she did receive lots of awards and accolades for her confidence and struggle that she did being a plus-size dancer.

Performing with confidence and without body shaming is her greatest gift and net worth that she has received. 

Her hard work helped her to be cast in the Emmy-winning series “Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls.” Soon after she finished the filming of its first episode, she was chosen by the pop icon herself to become one of her dancers effective immediately. Interestingly, she has also done a ‘Special’ tour in Europe. 

Unfortunately, we do not have an exact figure of her net worth but, we are sure she is quite proud of what she has achieved in her life so far. On the other hand, we are quite sure her parents are also equally proud of her success. 

Crystal Williams’s Controversies and Challenges

Recently, former backup dancers of Lizzo made negative headlines on the news. These backup dancers include Arianna Davis, Noelle Rodriguez, and Crystal Williams. They are suing Lizzo for creating a ‘hostile work environment’. 

The lawyer for these three former dancers has revealed that the nature of Lizzo and their management team treating their performers seems to go against everything that the dance group stands for publicly. 

Other than this, the three former dancers have also accused the Truth Hurts hitmaker of allegedly ‘inviting cast members to take turns touching the nude performers’ inside the club they were present in.