Australian Idol  2nd Day Of the Top 30

In the previous challenge, 3 out of 30 contestants were eliminated, making it quite intense for the remaining ones. Today is the second day of the challenge, and as the show progresses, the tension builds up. The contestants are sleep deprived and for the next challenge they have been divided into groups of three to perform together.

Let’s see who has made it to the next round and who has to say their last goodbye to the show…..

TrioSongPerformance SummaryOutcome
Jonathan, Amy, IvanaKilling Me SoftlyPhenomenal performance, Jonathan struggled with the song midwayJonathan put on notice
Dylan, Amy, KobeTornFlawless performance, judges impressed, no one put on noticeAll three proceed to next round
Ripley, Trent, SaoirseOne Call AwayImpeccable performance, judges faced tough decision, all three proceedNo one put on notice
Jet, Olivia, ImogenNothing Break Like HeartHonest performance, noticeable hesitations, Jet put on noticeJet put on notice
Jack, Jess, NatashCounting StarsSpectacular performance, all three impress judges, proceed to next roundAll three proceed to next round
Cynthia, Gabe, TJTeenage DreamLack of sync, criticized by judges, all three put on noticeAll three put on notice
Jess, Jackson, DreaCirclesWell-coordinated performance, all three proceed to next round, no one evictedAll three proceed to next round
Prayer, Tyler, KianiStand By MeBeginning not in sync, improved towards the end, only Tyler selected, Prayer and Kiani put on noticeTyler proceeds, Prayer and Kiani on notice
Issac, Bethany, DenvahPerfectDenvah and Bethany impress, Issac’s inexperience shows, Issac put on noticeIssac put on notice
Australian Idol Day 2 Elimiantion & Results

Jonathan, Amy, Ivana

Killing Me Softly

The first performers, Jonathan, Amy, and Ivana take the stage in front of the judges, and the audience is immediately captivated by their presence. All three have consistently impressed with their performances since their initial audition.

However, the main challenge that the trio faced this time around was the song selection. As Jonathan had never heard the song “Killing Me Softly” before, it was a daunting task to master it in such a short amount of time.

But the trio remained intact and put in an honest effort to deliver one of the best performances they could. Their performance was nothing short of phenomenal, leaving the judges and the audience in awe.

Jonathan messed up the song in the middle as he wasn’t familiar with it. Leaving him on notice out of the 3

Dylan, Amy, Kobe

Torn (Natalie Imbruglia)

The next performing on the stage are young dad Dylan, Amy from WA and nerve stricken Kobe. These trios vocals have been most mesmerizing in the show. It is going to get hard for the judges for whom to put on notice.

The trio agreed on performing the song “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia. Kobe, one of the members, expressed that they gelled really well and felt like they had been singing together for a long time. The performance was flawless, which made it difficult for the judges to decide.

However, according to the format, one of the performers had to be put on notice, but the judges decided not to put anyone on notice. Kyle exclaimed, “It’s a no brainer!”

Ripley, Trent, Saoirse

One Call Away (Charlie Puth)

During the next performance, the Queensland trio consisting of Ripley, Saoirse, and Trent took the stage. The trio features a unique blend of three different vocals that work together to create a stunning performance.

They knew they had to give it their all to move ahead in the show. They selected “One Call Away” by Charlie Puth for their performance and stepped onto the stage.

The trio’s coordination and performance were impeccable. However, to everyone’s surprise, no one was left out of the trio. The judges had a tough decision to make, and the stakes have risen even higher for the other performers.

Jet, Olivia, Imogen

Nothing Break Like Heart (Miley Cyrus)

“The next to perform were Jet, Olivia, and Imogen, singing the song ‘Nothing Breaks Like a Heart’ by Miley Cyrus. 

The performance put on by the duo was lacking in some areas, but it was sure that they gave it their all on stage, displaying honesty and sincerity in their show.

Although there were some noticeable moments of hesitation from Jet, and Kyle had remarked, “You seemed lost,” the pair managed to hold it together and avoid any major slip-ups during their time in the spotlight. It was announced that they would be proceeding to the next round, but a notice was given to Jet to improve her performance.

Jack, Jess, Natash

Counting Stars (One Republic)

The performance delivered by Jack, Natasha, and Jess was an absolute spectacle, filled with an abundance of power, energy, and everything in between. 

Amy couldn’t help but express her admiration for the polished performance, noting that there were no pitch problems or any other issues. The trio was undoubtedly the best, and the judges had no hesitation in advancing all three of them to the next round. The sheer power and energy displayed left the other performers feeling nervous and intimidated.

Cynthia, Gabe, TJ

Teenage Dream (Katy Perry)

The next performers to take the stage are Gabe, Cynthia, and TJ. While all three have performed exceptionally well individually, it seems that the trio may not have been the best fit for TJ as he was not entirely satisfied with Cynthia’s cooperation during rehearsals. 

They have chosen to perform “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry, but it appears that the trio is not in sync. It remains to be seen how well they will perform on stage. 

The judes could see right through the performance, Kyle bood saying, “It was like a Cher and Peter Garrett tribute band. Rubbish !”. The judge decided putting all the three on notice, wasn’t really quite expecting from such great performers

Jess, Jackson, Drea

Circles (Post Malone)

The next performance comes from Jess, Jackson, and Drea, singing “Circles” by Post Malone.

They performed very well and in coordination. However, one person had to be evicted from the trio, but in this case, no one was evicted. All three of them have made it to the next round.

Prayer, Tyler, Kiani

Stand By Me

“The trio consists of the youngest Kiani, Tyler, and daddy’s favourite Prayer. They practiced the song “Stand By Me” together, and Tyler decided to lead on the guitar, despite all three of them being experts at it.

Unfortunately, the judges did not love their performance as the beginning was not quite in sync, but eventually, they managed to get it together towards the end. However, it wasn’t good enough for the judges. Kyle commented, “You all are good, but it wasn’t fantastic to watch.”

As a result, both the girls were put on notice, and only Tyler was selected to move ahead in the show.”

Issac, Bethany, Denvah

Perfect (Pink)

As the competition neared its end, the last three performers took to the stage. Denvah, a country girl with a voice that could move mountains, Bethany, a single mom , and Issac. Despite his lack of experience, Issac bravely took to the stage with the others. 

The trio decided to perform the song “Perfect” by Pink, but Issac was unsure about the performance. However, the three of them gave it their all and sang their hearts out. Denvah’s voice was truly mesmerizing, and she managed to impress the judges with her performance.

For obvious reasons, she went through to the next round. Bethany also gave a stunning performance, earning her a well-deserved spot in the next round. However, Issac’s inexperience showed, and he was put onto notice.

Here come the round to elimination.

Elimination Round : Who Eliminated Last Night?

The stakes were high as only a few contestants could remain in the show. Out of the 27 remaining contestants, Jonathan, Jet, Tj, Gab, Chenai, Prayer, Kiani, and Issac were all put on notice, knowing that their fate would soon be decided. 

The tension was palpable as the ultimate eviction stage arrived. The contestants who had performed well and impressed the judges were eagerly waiting to hear their names called. Finally, the verdict was out. Issac, Prayer, TJ, and Cynthia had made it safely into the show, much to their relief.

Unfortunately, the rest of the contestants had to leave the show. It was a bittersweet moment as they had come so far, but they had not made the cut. However, they left with their heads held high, knowing that they had given their best shot. They left with the hope of returning better prepared for the next season, determined to make a mark in the competition