Drea Onmade auditioned on Day 3 of Australian Idol auditions. With her wonderful voice, Drea was able to secure a spot in Top 30 Contestants of the season

Drea Onmade’s Bio & Age

Drea Onmade hails from Perth, WA, she is just 25 years old and had achieved a lot through his soulful renditions. She describes herself as a vocalist & songwriter.

Drea came up with a brilliant remake of the popular song “American Boy” by Estelle. She put her own spin on the song, incorporating her unique style and creativity.

When she performed her version of the song, her dance moves and stage presence were so impressive that the judges were blown away. They unanimously voted in her favor and awarded her with a golden ticket, which secured her a spot in the top 30.

Drea’s hard work and dedication paid off, and she was thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase her talents on a larger platform.