DWTS Au Audition 2024: Dancing with the Stars is a famous dance competition television series. The competition level on this platform is so high that the officials were bound to open franchises in major countries across the globe.

Why DWTS Australia Auditions are difficult than other reality competitions?

In this dance competition show, a celebrity is paired with a professional dancer to perform predetermined dances and compete against each other. The show is based on Strictly Come Dancing.

Dancing with stars au Winner

Dancing with the Stars Australia began back in 2004 and is still continuing. The 20th season of Dancing with the Stars Australia has already begun and fans are already expecting another round next year. The current season of this dance competition series is going quite well. 

DWTA Australia auditions are mostly filmed in the capital city of Australia. The pre-record of its 19th season took place at the ICC in Sydney. The shooting location does not change every year, so for the upcoming season, we can expect the filming or auditions to take place at the ICC in Sydney.

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Step-by-step guidelines for the Dancing With The Stars Audition Season 21

Applicants applying for the DWTS Australia Audition need to follow all the eligibility criteria very strictly. It will increase your chance to dance with a star in a popular show. Here are the eligibility criteria for all the applicants willing to apply for the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars Australia:-

  • All the applicants willing to apply for the next season must be at least 18 years of age. If you fall below that age limit then you will not be allowed to fill out the application form so you will need to wait until you turn 18 to apply for the show 
  • Applicants must submit all original and up-to-date documents that will be asked while filling out the application form. If any duplicity is found then the chance of terminating your application is always high 
  • Everyone applying for the show must have a valid proof of their nationality or they must have a work permit in Australia
  • One must know that all the travel expenses will not be done by the production company instead the applicant must bear them 
  • Once you are accepted or shortlisted for the first round of Dancing with the Stars, the officials of the show will ask for a short background check and all the shortlisted applicants must accept that 
  • Make sure you have a proper history or background with no criminal activities, if the officials find out any suspicious activities relating to it then they will need to think twice before accepting your application form 
  • Applicants applying for the show must be both physically and mentally fit and must have knowledge related to the field 
  • Everyone while and after filling out the application form must carefully agree to all the terms and conditions set by the officials of the show

How to Apply for DWTS AU Audition 2024?

The application process for Dancing with the Stars Australia Audition is very simple and easy. It only becomes simple and easy when you fulfill all the eligibility requirements of the show. Here is how one can apply for the show:-

  • Make sure to visit the official casting website of the show 
  • After you have visited the official website search for the application form and then click on the apply button 
  • Do not start filling out the application form directly without reading or having a proper scroll through the official application form page 
  • Make sure you read all the statements, lines, and details present on the official webpage and then start filling out the form 
  • Make sure all the details that you provide are up to date and valid 
  • Before you click on the ‘submit’ button make sure to recheck all the details that you have provided once again 

What to Expect at DWTS Au Audition? 

Dance is something that one needs to catch up in a short span. Similarly, during your auditions at Dancing with the Stars, judges can ask you to do anything and you must be prepared for it. You will be given a form of dance which you will need to come to practise with your partner and show before the judges of the show. 

Now, make sure you give your best in this audition as the judges will give points based on your dance skills, expressions, and body movements. It is where you need to impress the judges with your amazing dancing skills along with your dancing partner. So not only you but, your partner must be in sync so that you can create good chemistry between you and your partner while giving your DWTS Au auditions Season 21. 

The numbers will decide if you are staying or leaving. The better number you get from the judges, you will be given a green room and will get a chance to dance again. 

Tips for Success at DWTS Audition 2024

Tips for success at any competition show are very simple but, need to be followed very strictly. Here are some tips for success at Dancing with Stars Australia auditions:-

  • Discipline– This is the first and one of the most important tips for the success of your dancing. Proper discipline gives you critical thinking skills and it enables you to outcome your greatest moves on the stage. Proper discipline in dance class is very important as it will portray your personality to the whole world. 
  • Practise– If you have proper discipline in your dancing area or field then practice will come automatically. The main aim or goal for you in Dancing with the Stars is to get selected and win the show and without practice you will not be able to do it. A proper and rigorous practice session is very important for the success of your auditions and winning the dance competition show. 
  • Ears open mouth closed formula– This is a very simple but, very effective secret to the success of your dancing. There is always something new to learn even if you are a professional in the field. Always keep your ears open and mouth closed and observe what others are doing and how you can improve it. Doing all these will make you unique and stand out from the rest of the group. 
  • Punctuality– Punctuality builds character and if you are looking for success you need to build a good character within yourself. Similarly, in dancing you need to come on time for all practice sessions and go back home with some experience. 

DWTS Au Auditions Contact Details

Here are the official contacts for Dancing with the Stars Australia:-