Danny Jones is one of those English celebrities who is living his life to the fullest. His personal life is highly focused on the latest lifestyle, travel, and fashion. Danny Jones is always looking to push the boundaries in terms of creativity.

This 37-year-old English singer and songwriter is highly active on social media platforms where he brags about his lavish lifestyle and his humbleness. 

We can expect Danny Jones’s income sources from the posts on his various social media accounts. He might not have any significant sources of income but, whatever sources he has they are quite strong and rigid such as his salary from The Voice. His multiple endorsements and investments fully support his overall net worth and keep him financially stable. 

How Much Does Danny Jones Make from The Voice Every Season? 

All the superstar coaches on The Voice franchise are paid a good amount of money. They might not be the same but, they are all six figures digits. There is no indication of exactly how much The Voice judges are paid each but, we do know ITV is always prepared to give them the amount that they become satisfied. The same goes for Danny Jones, we are not sure how much he is paid by the officials of The Voice. 

Danny Jones The Voice

Back in 2019, one of the superstar coaches of the show, Will.i.am made headlines when his six-figure salary was revealed. It was confirmed that he was paid 600,000 Euros from The Voice franchise. We could expect the same kind of figure for Danny Jones as well. 

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Danny Jones’s Salary in The Voice Kids 

This famous vocalist and guitarist earns a good amount of money from The Voice franchise. He has been a part of this franchise for quite a long time now. He has been a coach in The Voice Kids since 2017 and that is still running. 

So, he has made quite a good amount of money from this famous singing competition franchise. Unfortunately, the exact salary of Danny Jones has not been revealed by the officials but, we are quite sure he is receiving a six-digit figure every season. 

Danny Jones’s Net Worth 

Danny is one of the richest vocalists and guitarists from the United Kingdom. His total net worth has grown immensely over the past few years. As of 2023, his estimated net worth is approximately $5 million and is expected to increase more by next year.

He has multiple sources of income from which he generates his money. He owns lots of luxurious buildings, cars, and other assets. 

Danny Jones Other Sources of Income 

His major income sources are from singing and participating in different stages. Other than that, he is a judge in The Voice Kids and earns quite a good money from the show. He is also quite active in multiple endorsements from where he generates a good amount of money. 

He has signed a 4-year contract with the New York Giants for $25,664,056. It also included a signing bonus of $16,684,768 and $25,664,056 guaranteed from the New York Giants.