Gabby Asta : Who is She?

Gabby Asta, the 22-year-old finance enthusiast for Victoria, is known for her rock-chick voice. With a dream of becoming a pop star, traveling the world, and selling out her concert tickets, Gabby is ready to step back into the music scene after struggling with her work–life balance as an accountant.

The singer is quickly becoming a star on The Voice Australia. With her powerful vocals and stunning stage presence, Gabby has wowed the judges and viewers alike. 

The Voice Australia 2023 – Gabby Asta Audition

Gabby, during her blind auditions, performed the enchanting song “She’s All I Wanna Be” by Tate McRae. Gabby describes this song as too dynamic and super-fast for herself.

However, she added that she is all about embracing risks and is ready to prove to the judges that her skills go beyond just singing fast. She further says that she plans to impress the judges with the high notes that are in between soft tones.

But it’s not just about the vocal prowess. Gabby brings an energy and stage presence that’s as captivating as her voice. It’s no wonder she’s caught the attention of not just the judges but also viewers all across the globe.

Both Guy Sabastian and Rita Ora turned their chairs, hoping to get Gabby in their respective teams. 

Judges Reaction: Guy & Rita Fight Over Gabby

Guy Sabastian boldly states that Gabby is a rock-chick singer. He further says that he has soul singers, pop singers, country singers, and boy bands in his team, and what he needs is the rock-chick voice of Gabby. He adds that he loved the grunge and the attitude in her voice.

Rita was pleased with Gabby’s performance too. She says that Gabby’s voice is both rock and roll super fresh which is a rare find.. She further states the innocence in Gabby’s voice and how she is flirty with it making it a great combination.

Rita additionally states that she doesn’t have anyone in her team as sparky as Gabby and would love to have her in Team Rita.

On which team Gabby Asta is on The Voice Au?

Gabby Asta chosed to join team Rita during her blind auditions.