Hell’s Kitchen is one of the most challenging cooking reality shows out there. One and only Gordon Ramsay takes everything very seriously in this show. Here is the winner list of all the previous seasons of Hell’s Kitchen:-

Season 1- Michael Wray

The first season of the show was won by Michael Wray. His winning title in the first season of this cooking reality show did not come very easily. Michael considered himself a functioning addict and did everything with perfection. He had a tough start in the show but, managed to surprise the judge and by the end he was declared the victor. 

Season 2- Heather West 

The second season of Hell’s Kitchen on Fox ended with Heather West as the final winner. From the very beginning of the show, she gave her best and was appreciated for it. The last episode ended with a big firework on top of the Red Rock Resort & Spa. It was Gordon Ramsay who declared Heather West as the winner of the second season. 

Season 3- Rock Harper 

With no doubt among the 12 contestants in the third season, Rock Harper was working brilliantly. Only because of his confidence, good personality, and taking up challenges with full determination did Gordon Ramsay declared him the winner of the third season. 

Season 4- Christina Machamer 

Even before entering the show, Christina Machamer faced lots of challenges in her life. She gave an open audition in Manhattan and was called for a screen test. She was a culinary student when she appeared in the show, unfortunately, she did not have the cooking experience that was required. But, despite all the challenges given to her, she became the season’s winner. 

Season 5- Danny Veltri 

Adapting is very important in today’s world. The faster you adapt to anything the better you become on that field. The same was followed by Danny Vetri as he took things very seriously and adapted them with ease. Chef Ramsay said that he was declared the winner because in a short time, he grew more than any chefs he had ever seen. 

Season 6- Dave Levey

This young contestant won the sixth season of Hell’s Kitchen on October 13, 2009. Because of his grit and perseverance, Chef Ramsay nicknamed him a “one-armed bandit”. He defeated Kevin in his final episode and became the winner. 

Season 7- Holli Ugalde

Holli had grown very rapidly as a chef in the seventh season of Hell’s Kitchen. Initially, she was barely making any progress but, as the season was moving forward she came forward and showed the world what she was capable of. 

Season 8- Nona Sivley

She won the eighth season of Hell’s Kitchen only because of her impressive improvement during the series. Her passion for cooking was noticed by none other than Gordon Ramsay. She defeated Russel Kook II on the final episode and was declared the winner. 

Season 9- Paul Niedermann

If you are passionate about something then people start to notice your work. Similarly, Chef Ramsay said the reason why Paul won the ninth season was only because he was very passionate, determined, and very hard working. He defeated Will Lustberg on the final episode and became the winner. 

Season 10- Christina Wilson 

Christina Wilson won the tenth amazing season of Hell’s Kitchen on September 10, 2012. She was constantly performing at a very high level in the tenth series of the show. That is one of the reasons why she impressed Chef Gordon Ramsay and she became the winner of the tenth season. 

Season 11- Ja’Nel Witt

She fought very hard for the position that she received in the eleventh season of Hell’s Kitchen. Fans and viewers were highly impressed by her hard-working performance in the eleventh series. 

Season 12- Scott Commings

Gordon Ramsay saw all the qualities in Scott Commings and that is why he chose him as the final winner of the 12th season. He had the leadership quality and that is what Chef Gordon Ramsay was looking for in a chef. Scott defeated Jason Zepaltas and won the show. 

Season 13- La Tasha McCutchen

La Tasha won the 13th season of Hell’s Kitchen on December 17, 2014. Her strong leadership, adaptability, and communication skills did not go unnoticed by Chef Gordon Ramsay. 

Season 14- Meghan Gill

Fans and viewers were quite happy and satisfied after Meghan Gill was declared the winner of the 14th season of Hell’s Kitchen. In the final episode, she made a rainbow trout which was heavily praised by none other than Gordon Ramsay and she scored a perfect five for it. 

Season 15- Ariel Malone

After facing all the challenges and successfully completing them it was a great ending for Ariel Malone. She deserved the winning position for the 15th season of the show. She defeated Kristin Barone in the final episode of the show and amazed Gordon Ramsay. 

Season 16- Kimberly-Ann Ryan

On her final episode, she made her signature dish which was called Seared Scallops with Mango Jalapeno Salsa and Spicy Toasted Rice Crispies. It was prepared for a room full of chefs and all of them voted her the first place which made her the winner. 

Season 17- Michelle Tribble

She was among the youngest competitors in the 17th season of Hell’s Kitchen. Additionally, she was also the first contestant who participated in two different seasons made her appearance to the finals and finally won. 

Season 18- Ariel Contreras-Fox 

Another contestant who appeared twice on Hell’s Kitchen. She first appeared in the sixth season and captured third place in it but, in the 18th season, she was declared the winner. 

Season 19- Kori Sutton

After she won first place in the 19th season of Hell’s Kitchen, she was awarded a Head Chef position at Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe along with the prize money. Unfortunately, she turned down the offer but, took home the winning prize money. 

Season 20- Trenton Garvey

He is one of the recent winners of Hell’s Kitchen which has become the headlines and latest news. Gordon Ramsay selected the executive chef over Megan Gill who has already won one of the previous seasons of Hell’s Kitchen.

Season 21- Alex Belew

Alex revealed in an interview that, he was crowned the winner because he was highly experienced which goes beyond cooking. He did have amazing leadership qualities, potential, and everything that a head chef must have. 

Hell’s Kitchen All Season Winners & Prize Money

Name Hometown Prize Money Instagram Link 
Michael Wray North Carolina 250,000Michael Wray (@skullandcleavers13) • Instagram photos and videos 
Heather West Port Jefferson250,000Heather West (@cheffy22) • Instagram photos and videos
Rock Harper San Diego 250,000Rock Harper (@rockharper) • Instagram photos and videos
Christina Machamer St. Louis 250,000NA
Danny Veltri Edgewater250,000Danny Veltri (@veltridanny) • Instagram photos and videos
Dave Levey San Diego250,000Dave Levey (@chef_dave_levey) • Instagram photos and videos
Holli Ugalde San Bernardino250,000NA
Nona Sivley Lafayette 250,000NA
Paul NiedermannKarlsruhe250,000NA
Christina Wilson Phillipsburg250,000Christina Wilson (@chefchristinamwilson) • Instagram photos and videos
Ja’Nel WittHouston250,000Ja’Nel Witt (@chefjanel) • Instagram photos and videos
Scott Commings Woodstock250,000NA
La Tasha NA250,000La Tasha McCutchen (@cheftashamac13) • Instagram photos and videos
Meghan Gill NA250,000Meghan Gill (@chefmeghan14) • Instagram photos and videos
Ariel Malone NA250,000Ariel Malone (@chefarielisis) • Instagram photos and videos
Kimberly-Ann RyanTraverse City250,000NA
Michelle Tribble Las Vegas 250,000michelle tribble (@chefmichelletribble) • Instagram photos and videos 
Ariel Contreras-FoxSanta Cruz250,000Chef Ariel Contreras-Fox (@chefarielfox) • Instagram photos and videos
Kori Sutton Newport Beach250,000Chef Kori (@mama_kori_salsa) • Instagram photos and videos
Trenton Garvey Union250,000Trenton Garvey (@chef_trentongarvey) • Instagram photos and videos
Alex BelewMurfreesboro 250,000Alex Belew (@alexbelew) • Instagram photos and videos 
Hell’s Kitchen All Season Winners

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