Now that the top 3 finalists have returned to the Australian Idol stage for one last performance, we’re just one week away from (finally!) crowning the Australian idol Winner 2023.

The last episode officially kicked off the Finals, giving each of the 3 finalists — Royston Sagigi Biara, Phoebe Stewart, and Josh Hannan their final opportunity to impress the Australian Idol fans and earn their votes through Australian Idol Voting.

Australian Idol Winner – Who will win AI Season 8?

At this point in the season of Australian Idol, it’s time to ponder two crucial questions: who do we believe deserves to win the ultimate prize, and who do we think will actually emerge as the champion of Australian Idol Season 8?

On a show like this, it’s a challenge to predict the eventual winner, but one thing is certain: the top 3 finalist contestants have proven their talent and are worthy competitors. Fans are eagerly awaiting the next round of performances to see who will rise to the top and become the next Australian Idol season 8 winner.

Our Pick for Australian Idol Winner 2023

Personally, our pick as the Australian idol winner is Royston Sagigi Biara. The inspiring singer, whose incredible voice is as genuine as the joy he expresses in each performance, is never less than phenomenal — the rare act that viewers seem to love.

What Makes These Contestants probable Winners for Australian Idol?

Phoebe Stewart

Phoebe Stewart’s journey on the latest season of the singing competition show has been a great success in Australia. As a talented singer, she has made it to the top 3 contestants on Australian Idol, and many believe she has a strong chance of securing the winner spot in the show.

With the unwavering support of her friends and family, Phoebe has been motivated to perform exceptionally well in her upcoming shows. Her dedicated fans and followers are confident that she could emerge as the winner of Australian Idol season 8.

Royston Sagigi Biara

Sagigi-Baira has achieved a significant feat on Australian Idol, securing a spot among the top 3 finalist. He took to Instagram to share his joy and excitement with his fans and followers, who have been avidly tracking his journey on social media. The news of his current position in the Top 3 of season 8 has generated a buzz among his supporters, who are eagerly cheering him on as he continues to showcase his exceptional talent in the competition.

Josh Hannan

Josh Hannan has managed to stay in the competition so far and has made it to the final list of contestants. He earned his golden ticket to the competition with his outstanding performance of ‘Brother’ by Matt Corby, which the judges highly appreciated. As the competition heats up, all eyes are on Josh as he continues to impress viewers and judges alike with his exceptional talent.

Prize Money for Australian Idol Winner

The Winner of AI 2023 will rewarded by a prize money of $100,000 and a record deal with Sony Music.