Married at First Sight fame Olivia Frazer has shared the news of the unfortunate death of her great uncle and just after a few days her grandmother died.

The Australian TV star Olivia has revealed it on her Instagram stories saying that She could not write this stuff, but her beautiful Nanna named Jill, has followed her twin brother, Jack, to the other side within two days. The twin thing was always a reoccurrence in their whole lives, so it seems to be fitting here.

Her beautiful grandmother was an extremely kind, intelligent, and gentle woman. Her grandmother whom Olivia called Nanna never had a bad word to say about anyone.

She carried herself as gracefully as she could throughout her life, and she had tremendous love for our family.” Olivia also mentioned that she feels it was a privilege to be the granddaughter of her nan Jill and her whole family is going to miss her a lot. 

Olivia shared a video of a Christmas celebration where a relative of Olivia is taking a shot of Olivia and her nan. She shared the video with the caption She is an icon.

She also posted a throwback picture of her uncle and Grandmother Jack and Jill when they were kids along with the caption saying, “Our beautiful twins Jack & Jill.

Nanna and Uncle Jack came into the world together and left peacefully together less than two days apart this week 🤍. Both are so kind and gentle. And both huge parts of my life👼🏼👼🏼Twinning until the end 🤍.”

This heartbreaking news broke Olivia just after Olivia revealed her boyfriend has a secret girlfriend all the time. Now Olivia is leaving the UK to find a new place where she will find peace.

She has also said that girls should not ignore the red flags from the beginning as we want it to work so desperately. According to Olivia,

She has not recovered from the things that happened in Married at First Sight till now and she still struggles with PTSD. Fans have shown their concern for Olivia’s loss in the comments on the post she shared.