Is She The Wolf is a Japanese reality show that arrived on the streaming service Netflix in June 2023. The show is romantic-themed where a group of men and women seek to find true love among themselves by going on a date or by indulging in group projects. But, there is an interesting twist inside the journey of this group of men and women finding their true love as there is at least one saboteur who is pretending to fall in love. Who is the woman that is pretending to fall in love or rather is prohibited from falling in love? 

Basic Information 

Show Name Is She The Wolf?
Genre Romance 
Network Netflix 
Release DateJune 2023 (Japan)
Number of episodes 12
Episode runtime 1 hour (roughly)

What Is The Air Date Of Is She The Wolf Season 1?

11th June 2023 is the official air date of Is She The Wolf Season 1 in Japan. The reality dating show is all set to make its debut internationally on September 3, 2023. After its debut internationally viewers from different regions and countries will be able to access the freshly arrived episodes on Netflix on subscription basis. The series has been released on its original network, Netflix, consisting of 12 episodes in the first season. 

Is she The Wold Season 1 Trailer

Is She The Wolf Season 1 Contestant 2023

Sakurako Okubo 

Okubo is a 25-year old Japanese actress who is one of the contestants in the show Is She The Wolf season 1. She has been a part of numerous Japanese animated series where she has voiced different characters. In the series, Uchu Sentai Kyuranger she voiced the character of Hammie. 

Masaki Nakao 

Masaki Nakao is a contestant in the show who seems to have appeared in one episode only. Nakao hails from Japan and is a famous Japanese actor and an entertainer. The 26-year old has been a part of several movies and TV shows in his career. 

Nako Yabuki 

Another young actress hailing from Japan is Nako Yabuki. She is known as a member of HKT48 and now she has become an actress. She is one of the contestants in the show ‘Is She The Wolf season 1’. 


Riku plays himself in the reality show. He seems to be a studio member and also a vocalizer. His appearance in the show could earn him a massive fan following. 

Natsuko Yokosawa 

Natsuko is a Japanese actress and a comedian who is one of the contestants in the show. The 33-year old represents herself in the series. 

Where To Watch Is She The Wolf Season 2?

The first season is about to make its debut globally in the month of Sep 2023. The Japanese release date was in June 2023. So, there is no official announcement for Is She The Wolf season 2 as of now. But, since Netflix is the official network of the series, viewers could watch it on Netflix itself. 

Is “Is She The Wolf” Renewed For Season 2?

The second season of Is She The Wolf has not yet been renewed yet. But, it seems likely that the show will be renewed for another season. Official announcement is expected to be made for the same very soon.