Bing a fan of Bear Grylls you will definitely love the “Alone Australia” television reality series. The series debuted earlier this year in the month of March 2023 and was able to gain the attention of a large audience.

The show is all about survival skills in Tasmanian wilderness where contestants have to go through the challenges to fulfill their basic needs and deal forces with nature to win a cash prize of $250,000.

The first season was filmed in the Tasmanian wilderness which proved to be a challenging location for the contestants where Gina Chick became the first ever winner of Alone Australia. She survived for 67 days alone and was declared the winner on May 24th. 

Where To Watch Alone Australia? 

Fans and viewers would be wanting definite answers about where they could access all episodes of the reality series. Well, the series can be viewed on the History Channel. Apart from that, users of Philo, Fubo, Sling, and or DiRECTV stream trial can watch the episodes of the show for free. But, it will only be for new users which will be on a trial basis. The show is very much new as it has only arrived this year, which is why it would be difficult to make an assumption about whether the episodes could be watched internationally. 

Streaming Platforms for Alone Australia 

The show’s official network is SBS and fresh new episodes can currently be available on SBS On Demand for free. But, there is going to be a lot of advertisements while watching the show on SBS on a free trial basis. Viewers and fans can also stream for free on other streaming platforms like Philo, Fubo, Sling, and/or DIRECTV Stream trial. 

Cable and Satellite TV 

The series will be available on History channel. Viewers who do not have cable can stream it for free on the above mentioned streaming platforms. Please note that free trial is only given to new users and not to users who already have a registered account. If you have access to the internet then you will have the option to watch it on demand on SBS for free which will include advertisements. 

How To Access Alone Australia From Anywhere?

Alone Australia is currently not available internationally on streaming services or in any cable or satellite television. If you wish to access the show from anywhere then you would have to stream it from the official website of SBS.

Whenever you visit the website it will think that you’re in Australia and therefore giving you free access to all its new episodes which you can stream from any device you like. The series is not available on any other platform since it has not been purchased by any streaming partners yet. 

How To Watch Alone Australia from America

You can watch Alone Australia from America using the stream it from the official website of SBS.


Alone Australia has just ended up with their first season and all of their episodes can be streamed for free on SBS and on different streaming platforms. Gina Chick was announced the winner of the first season and now, the production team has announced that they are casting for their second season which is going to be one of the most awaited reality series. 


Can I Watch Alone Australia For Free?

Ans: Yes, you can watch ‘Alone Australia’ for free on SBS official website. But, the episodes will include advertisements. Each episode is on average about 50 minutes long.

Is ‘Alone Australia’ available on popular streaming services?

Ans: No, the reality show is not available on popular streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. But, it is available for free (only for new users) on a trial basis on Philo, Fubo and Sling. People with cable subscriptions can watch the series on History channel.

Are there any geo-restrictions to consider?

Ans: No, there are no geo-restrictions to consider while watching the show. 

Can I download episodes to watch offline?

Ans: Well, you may not be able to watch the episodes offline on a free trial basis. Streaming platforms may give you the option to download and watch the episodes offline only if you have got a subscription. You can try creating an account on SBS and downloading the content for enjoying it offline.

What makes ‘Alone Australia’ a must-watch survival show?

Ans: Alone Australia is absolutely worth watching because contestants face a series of challenges while surviving out there in the wilderness. It is quite an experience to see how they survive with surviving skills and knowledge. The series has been appreciated by the viewers and by critics as well. IMDb has rated it 6.7/10 which is good. 

Is there any trailer of Alone Australia 2023?

Ans: SBS had released a first look trailer for the show almost 8 months ago on YouTube. Three months later a new trailer was launched on the same channel for the series.