Josh2Funny is a Nigerian comedian, actor, and musician. Known for his comedic content Josh2Funny has become an internet sensation over the past few years. The 32 year old Nigerian mostly performs comedy on observational comedy, insult comedy, and his subjects include mostly about the Nigerian culture and everyday life. 

Josh2Funny Real Name & Early Life and Background 

Chibuike Josh Alfred is professionally known by his stage name, Josh2Funny. Born on 18th December 1990, the 32-year old Nigerian has completed his education in Computer Science at Yaba College of Science and Technology.

Being born in a Christian family his parents were pastors and not much details has been revealed about them publicly. The comedian spent his early life in Anambra where he was born and brought up and had even started his primary education from this state itself. 

Josh had realized quite early that studies did not interest him. Therefore, it is known that at an early age he had the ability to make people laugh and had already manifested this talent since he was a young boy. When he was just 7 years old he moved to Lagos and it was in Lagos where he completed his primary education.

There was also some news that the comedian had to leave his studies midway as he felt that being in comedy was much more suitable for him. Later, he even studied acting at the School of Performing Arts in Lagos. 

The Rise of Josh2Funny: A Journey To Stardom

Josh Alfred rose to fame when he came up with the #DontLeaveMe challenge back in the year 2020. But, this was something that was just a cherry on top for Josh’s comedical journey. He had started his comedy skits locally back in the year 2011 when he performed at churches and small events.

It was in the year 2011 when he participated and won Project Raw Talent Hunt Competition and soon after his win  he had decided to go professional in this career. 

Soon he started working on stand up comedy but it was for a small audience only which was not doing him much good. It was in 2015 when he thought of doing funny videos by acting as different characters.

This idea struck his mind only after he had realized that doing stand up comedy did not gain him much audience. It was definitely a difficult time for Josh as the internet and social media was still not trendy at that point of time. 

It was a year later in 2016 when he performed several comedical skits on social media. The most famous one was the slap video which had featured Josh slapping someone who rotated from 8am to 4 pm. As years went by his creativity only grew which earned him huge recognition in social media. 

Josh Alfred’s Network and Collaborations 

Josh Alfred has grown a huge fan base over three years for his comedical popularity through social media. The comedian has got his official YouTube channel where he posts comedy videos which goes viral instantly. As of this writing he has got around 375 videos with more than 450k subscribers. He is also very much active on his Instagram account where he keeps posting short funny videos. He has got around 3 million followers and has got more than 4600 posts in his account. 

Josh has been doing his work by himself so far and has been quite successful as well. Last year in 2022 Josh had collaborated with American rapper, Rick Ross for a comedy skit. Rick Ross seemed quite eager to do the skit with the social media star, Josh. 

The Multi – Talented Persona: Comedian, Actor, and Social Media Infleuncer 

Josh Alfred came to the light of his immense fame because of his comedic skits and videos on social media platforms. Anyone who knows him will know him as a comedian who made people laugh without using any kind of vulgarity. Josh being himself whenever he performs any kind of comedy is the only reason why people love him. As an actor too he is a well-known personality as he has acted in movies like Money Miss Road which is a Nigerian action/comedy movie. He has done several other movies as well. 

The Nigerian social media influencer has also got some of his original songs released. He has got millions of followers globally and has been able to create a positive influence on them with his videos and skits. Some of his songs include 

  • Jabele 
  • Ballin
  • Feel
  • Badman Kiti Kata 
  • Don’t Leave Me Remix

How Much Josh2Funny Charge Per Show

The details about the fees charged by Josh have not yet been revealed so far yet. As soon as there is information about it  you will get to know about it. 

Josh2Funny Other Sources Of Income

Josh’s other sources of income include acting in movies, influencer deals, hosting comedy shows, partnership deals, creating original music, and of course posting videos on YouTube. These are the sources of income of the Nigerian comedian. So far, he has done a lot of hard work in his skits which has earned him a good amount of fame. His innovative and creative ideas in his videos have always been a successful element in his videos. Fans only hope that he keeps providing new hilarious content every now and then. 

Exploring Josh2Funny’s Notable Achievements

Some of his achievements are as the following:

  • Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award (AMVCA) (2020)
  • Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award (AMVCA) (2021)
  • Nigeria Entertainment Award (2018)
  • City People Music Awards (2018)

Some of his most viral videos are as the following:

  • Don’t Leave Me Challenge Compilation
  • Baba Ijebu and The Plantain 
  • The Audition (Part 1)


How did Josh2Funny Get Started In Comedy?

Ans: Josh2Funny kickstarter his comedy career in the year 2011. Initially starting off by performing in churches later he won the Project Raw Talent Hunt Competition. 

What is Josh2Funny’s most popular content?

Ans: Josh2Funny’s most popular content remains the ‘Don’t Leave Me Challenge Compilation’. 

How does Josh2Funny manage his various career roles?

Ans: Josh2Funny is able to manage different career roles by providing time and effort for each one of them. He is not just a comedian but also an actor, singer, and as well as a social media influencer. 

What are some of Josh2Funny’s memorable collaborations?

Ans: Josh2Funny’s memorable collaborations include collaborating with American rapper Rick Ross. Recently he has also been in America’s Got Talent. 

How has Josh2Funny impacted social media and comedy?

Ans: Josh2Funny has just performed by being himself whenever he performed any kind of comedy skit. His incredible performance does not include any vulgarity or harsh language which has been the key reason for his success so far.