About Jaydean Miranda, Bio, Background, Age, Singing Journey

In the vibrant heart of Melbourne, Jaydean Miranda, the 29-year-old, leads a fascinating double life. By day, he manages a bustling pet store, tending to the needs of his beloved animals and their owners. But as the sun sets, Jaydean’s passion for music takes center stage.

For the past five years, Jaydean has been a backing vocalist, but his dream was always bigger – he dreamed of being in the spotlight, where people from all over the world come to see him sing. Looks like The Voice Australia is helping him achieve his dream. He is ready to captivate the global audience.

Jaydean has been living a struggling life, from balancing responsibilities to chasing dreams, making his journey relatable to many. His narrative in The Voice Australia showcases as an inspiration to many.

Jaydean Miranda’s Performance at The Voice Auditions

During his blind audition, Jaydean Miranda chose to perform the hit track “Want To Want Me,” originally sung by Jason Derulo, one of the judges in The Voice Australia. Opening up about his pre-performance jitters, Jaydean Miranda openly confessed his nervousness.

He acknowledged the stark contrast between his experience as a backing vocalist and taking center stage as the main performer. Doubts lingered in his mind about whether he could do justice to the song.

Yet, these uncertainties were merely fleeting thoughts, quickly swept away by the resounding applause that filled the auditorium asJaydean Miranda began to sing. The clapping echoed from all corners, an enthusiastic standing ovation embracing him.

Jaydean’s vocal prowess was so mesmerizing that all four coaches found themselves irresistibly swayed to turn their chairs.

What Judges Said about Jaydean Miranda Voice?

Jaydean’s Vocal Leaves Original Artist in Awe

Jaydean Miranda understands that he has done fair justice to the song when the original artist of the song says that “It used to be my song”. That is how mesmerized Jason was.

Jason describes Jaydean vocal range as scrumptiously crazy, seamless, and as smooth as butter. Jason further addressed how Jaydean sings better than many center-stage artists that he has seen.

Jessica Mauboy Mesmerized with Jaydean Miranda’s Gusty Perfomance

Completely mesmerized by Jaydean’s performance, Jessica Mauboy called it a gutsy move. She stated that it was really brave of Jaydean to come up to the stage and sing a song written by one of the judges.

She further stated that Jaydean not only sang the song but nailed it. She wrapped up by saying how thrilled she would be to welcome Jaydean to her team. 

Rita Captivated Jaydean Miranda‘s Bold Voice

Rita didn’t hesitate to turn her chair for Jaydean. She was completely taken aback not only by his incredible voice but also by the courage he showed and the way he used his chest voice. She made it clear that she’d be over the moon to have Jaydean join her team.

Guy Sees True Artist in Jaydean

Guy Sabastian was seriously blown away by Jaydean Miranda’s vocal skills. He couldn’t help but highlight how Jaydean knows when to let loose with his voice and when to rein it in. Guy had a unique way of describing Jaydean as a really dynamic artist, and he even brought up Jason’s point about how backing vocalists often outshine the lead singers.

Guy genuinely believed Jaydean Miranda had the makings of a true artist and encouraged him to start seeing himself in that light. He was practically begging Jaydean to come onto his team, emphasizing how Jaydean’s willingness to push boundaries and try out new things could help him carve out a super unique artistic identity.