Kotaro Lives Alone season 1 was released on 10 March 2022 is a Japanese anime series. It is a comedy entertainment series taken from the Japanese manga Lives Alone.

Fans have shown immense love to season one of Kotaro Lives alone and now fans are enthusiastically waiting for season 2 of the series. It’s been a year from the release of season 1 of the show and there are no updates regarding the renewal of the series.

It is anticipated that there won’t be season 2 of Kotaro Lives Alone as season one ended as the final episode and not like the season end but there are many more manga plots left to cover. Also seeing the popularity of the series Netflix might consider the renewal of the series. 

Overview of the New Season Kotaro Lives Alone 

The Netflix anime series Kotaro Lives Alone was a hit and has earned a huge fanbase. The series has been popular with the high ratings on IMDb and different platforms.

Season 2 of the series is not confirmed but season 1 alone has made the viewers excited for season 2. Observing the fanbase of Kotaro Lives Alone it is sure that season 2 will gain the same popularity.

The Japanese manga Lives Alone is already completed so season two of the series has everything to start with. However, the renewal of the series is not confirmed yet.

Name of the SeasonKotaro Lives Alone
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreComedy, Slice of Life, Childcare
Season 1 release date 10 March 2022
Season 2 release date No dates announced 

Studio And Creator Details for the Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2

The first season of Kotaro Lives alone was animated by the Lidenfilms studio so it is expected that the same studio will animate the second season of the series. The studio has animated various anime series in recent years. The series is written by Rin Eto and directed by Kana Matsumoto, and Naomi Kinoshita. The season is not renewed for season 2 but we can expect the same creator for the season 2.

What are the Release dates and times of the New Season of Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2?

The Netflix anime adaption Kotaro Lives Alone released its first season on 10 March 2022 on Netflix with 10 episodes. Season 1 was released almost 1 year ago and gained popularity among the viewers. Viewers have been waiting for the renewal of the series for a long time but there are no updates from the makers about season 2. So, there are no updates related to season 2 release dates and times for now. Although considering the fandom of the series if Netflix renews the series it might release in 2024. 

What is the Trailer Status of Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2? 

There are no updates regarding the release of season 2. Also, it is not confirmed if Netflix will renew the series for season 2 or not. There is no trailer released by Netflix for season 2. If the series gets renewed viewers can expect to see the trailer mostly in 2024. You can watch the Kotara Lives Alone season 1 trailer here.

Who is the Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Cast and Characters?

The slice-of-life anime series Kotaro Lives Alone season 2 is not confirmed for renewal. But we can expect the same cast and characters of season 1 in season 2 of the series. Here are the characters of the series and the cast who voiced over in season 1:

Character Voiced by
Kotaro SatoRie Kugimiya
Shin KarinoToshiki Masuda
Isamu TimaruKayleigh McKee
Mizuki AkitomoSaori Hayami
Ayano KolbayashiYumiri Hanamori
RyotaKaito Ishikawa
TakuyaMinami Shinoda
Tonosan Rie Kogimiya
AotaSoma Saito

How to watch the Kotaro Lives Alone Online?

You can watch Kotaro Lives Alone season 1 on Netflix as it is officially adapted by Netflix. Also, the season 2 of Kotaro Lives Alone is not confirmed but if it gets released, we can assume that it will be available on Netflix to stream. There are no other platforms to watch the series online, so you need to stream it on Netflix only.

Viewers’ Popularity Of Kotaro Lives Alone Anime New Series?

The show’s popularity can be assumed from the ratings and reviews on the website. The series has top ratings and earned a huge fanbase with its season 1. Now the viewers are highly excited for the renewal of the series. Both the audience and critics have praised the animation and cute character of Kotaro in the series with its entertaining plot. Season 2 of the series has not been renewed yet but observing the viewer’s popularity Netflix might renew it soon.

Viewers’ Review and Rating for Kotaro Lives Alone Season 1

The series has surprisingly got the top ratings on different platforms. The show has got 8.4/10 ratings on IMDb and 100% on rotten tomatoes.