Virgin River is a 2019 released drama series that currently has got 4 seasons altogether. This American romantic drama TV series was able to gain the attention that it was supposed to get soon after its release. Not only the viewers but critics have rated this TV series quite well. According to IMDb Virgin River has earned a rating of 7.4/10 and Rotten Tomatoes marked it as 82% fresh which is an excellent score.

The storyline of Virgin River revolves around the life of a nurse practitioner, Melinda Monroe played by Alexandra Breckenridge. Melinda starts fresh in her nursing career by moving from Los Angeles to a remote part in Northern California town and she is surprised by the life she experiences later. 

Will There Be A Virgin River Season 5?

The fourth season of Virgin River premiered back in July 2022 and just like its previous seasons after the fourth season fans and viewers are curious to know about the arrival of another season. The original network of the TV series, Netflix had already announced that the series is going to have its fourth and fifth seasons back in Sep 2021. Netflix handed out a two-season renewal for the romantic drama series making sure that it will be coming back for its fourth and as well as its fifth season.

Producers and the whole team of Virgin River had decided to start its filming in March 2022 but it was delayed to July 2022. However, the shooting for the fifth season began between July to November. Virgin River TV series has so far managed to get decent viewership which is why original network of the show, Netflix felt that it was necessary to renew the show. 

Virgin River Season 5 Release Date

Officially there has been no confirmed news from Netflix about the release date of Virgin River as the fourth season has only arrived on the streaming platform. The producers will be taking their time here to release their fifth season but fans can expect the fifth season to arrive by July 2023.

There seems to be a lot of work that needs to be done as soon as the filming is complete like editing, dubbing and other such kinds of things. So, as a part of its production stages the series will not be appearing for at least till July. 

How To Be On Virgin River Season 5?

The fifth season of the romantic drama series began its filming last year and the casting team hired several fresh faces for their upcoming season. It is almost impossible to be on Virgin River season 5 right now but if the casting team decides to look for a new cast for a particular role then you can contact your agent to get in touch with the casting team of Virgin River. 

Last year, Canadian actor Kai Bradbury auditioning for a different role in the drama series. However, the show made some new castings for the fifth season where Kandyse McClure will be seen in the upcoming season. 

Virgin River Season 5 Audition

Auditions for new roles in the fifth season of the TV series might have ended because the production for it had already begun last year. However, if you want to be a part of its upcoming season then you can contact your casting agent to get in touch with the casting team of Virgin River. 

It will only be possible to you to play a part in Virgin River season 5 only if the team decides to look for a cast for a new role. It will be a great opportunity for you to grasp and audition for it and become a part of the series upcoming season. 


Virgin River has so far been doing good by keeping its viewers interested by offering an attractive storyline in every season. Netflix has renewed the show for its fifth season way back in 2021 as the show was receiving good viewership from the viewers all across the globe. Fans and viewers are eagerly waiting for the arrival of fifth season already with the fourth one releasing recently on Netflix.