Love Is Blind, a dating reality show that has earned the attention of millions of viewers worldwide is back with its fifth season. Debuting in the year 2020, the series received a decent rating from critics.

But, keeping all things aside, most fans had the question in their minds about whether or not contestants get paid for appearing in the show. Well, we are here to throw some light on that here in this article. Keep reading to know more about it.

IntroductionLove Is Blind, a popular dating reality show, has returned with its fifth season. This article explores contestants’ earnings.
Contestants’ PaymentContestants receive $1000 per week and can earn up to $8000 over the 8-week filming period.
Salary for 2023 Season 4Contestants earn $1000 per week, adding up to a substantial amount of $8000 during the 8-week filming period.
Wedding ExpensesThe show covers the expenses of weddings, reflecting its focus on love and commitment.
Engagement Ring CoverageLove Is Blind provides engagement rings for contestants, further enhancing the experience.
ConclusionLove Is Blind, now in its fifth season, continues to captivate audiences while offering financial support to contestants.
Love Is Blind Contestants Salary 2023

Do Contestants Get Paid On Love Is Blind?

Surprisingly, yes the contestants on Love Is Blind do get paid for appearing on the show. The payment received by the contestants is around $1000 per week and contestants can earn up to $8000 for the length of filming of the show.

This is quite unique from the team of Love Is Blind as monetary rewards will keep the contestants motivated throughout the filming length which is crucial for them to become the ultimate winner. 

Love Is Blind Contestants Salary 2023 Season 4

The salary received by contestants per week is $1000 per week. The filming is done for a period of 8 weeks long which means contestants can make up to $8000 which is a pretty good amount. Additionally, it will not just be a motivating factor but also a side income for the stars of the reality show.

With the initiative of payment being taken, a large number of applications are expected to be filled in after the end of every successful season because who doesn’t like to make a few extra bucks. 

Do Love Is Blind Pay For Weddings?

Another important question that most of you will have in mind is whether the show covers up for a wedding or not. Well, to our surprise the show does cover the expenses of weddings.

Well, this was something that could be expected from the team of the dating reality show because after all it is all about finding love and choosing the right partner with whom a contestant would be spending their rest of their lives with. 

Do Love Is Blind Pay For a Ring?

The engagement rings on Love Is Blind are paid by the show. With this it seems like there is nothing left that the show has not yet covered. The male contestants are reportedly able to choose from a limited selection of natural diamond rings before they enter the pods. The rings are supplied by Bridal Rings Company. 


Love Is Blind came to its original network, Netflix, back in the year 2020. As of now, the show will be coming back for its fifth successful season and viewers of the show will be witnessing a line of new cast and characters and witness brand new love.

It is quite surprising that the show covers all the expenses of a marriage right till the engagement ring to the end of a wedding, Love Is Blind show has got it all covered. Additionally, the show also pays a minimum salary of $1000 to its contestants every week until the duration of the filming.

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