Matthew was an American and Canadian actor. He began his acting career as a teenager, with small parts and failed pilots. Things started turning his way when he got the role in FRIENDS(American- Sitcom) as the role of Chandler Bing. He became so famous that he got nominated for an Emmy. 

Matthew was a sure fighter as he battled through his life with drug addictions in his early career. He also experienced some health problems, including a burst colon in 2018 because of his drug addiction. 

He eventually overcame it. Matthew had an amazing personality and was widely known for his sarcasm.

Matthew Perry Dies

Matthew Perry died on October 28, 2023 at the age of 54. The news was extremely unfortunate for his friends and family.

The reason for his death was reported by drowning in his hot tub. His assistant, Briana Brancato reported that when he came back from playing pickleball his body was found laying unresponsive in his hot tub for 2 hours.

The entire cast of FRIENDS expressed their sorrow and announced that the person they lost was not just a friend, but was like a family member to them. The news was heart-wrenching and difficult to accept.

Matthew Perry’s net worth at Death

Matthew Perry, a star, his net worth was estimated to be worth $ 120 million. The net worth included his million dollar estate.

Matthew Perry’s Pending Projects at Death

Matthew had several project pending before his death:

  • Drama Film

Matthew had signed up for the drama film “Unworthy”. Unfortunately, the film could not be completed as the project was kept on hold because of the strike that began on Hollywood in July 2023

  • Foundation

Matthew was a fighter who battled his whole life with addiction. He was open about his efforts to recover from drug and alcohol abuse throughout his life.

Matthew planned on opening a foundation for the people who battled addiction and substance abuse. What could have been more than a man himself who battled his whole life fighting for it contributing towards the people who were into addiction? Unfortunately, the death of Matthew brought a halt in the project.

For What Matthew Perry was known?

Matthew Perry was known for his role as “CHANDLER BING” on an American sitcom FRIENDS. His comedic timing and sarcasm has made him widely known as Mr. Bing. He had made a successful and die hard fan base for Chandler Bing and for himself.

It was reported that he earned $20 a year from the streaming and syndication from FRIENDS.