My Happy Marriage is a Japanese light novel series that is written by Akumi Agitogi and has been illustrated by Tsukiho Tsukioka.

It was in March 2023 when a live-action film adaptation premiered in Japan, followed by an anime television series of the same name.

The series has been produced by Kinema Citrus which had premiered recently in the month of July 2023. The anime series has been able to gain good reviews and ratings from the critics and as well as from the viewers. This only portrays the attractiveness of the storyline and all other things in the series. 

Where Can I Watch My Happy Marriage Online?

Fans and viewers from Japan can watch it on Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, BS11, and other Japanese TV networks. People residing outside of Asia can watch the series on streaming giant, Netflix. Viewers from other parts of the globe must have an active Netflix subscription to view the fresh new episodes being released on the streaming platform.

Many viewers may find some third party applications and websites where they can watch the episodes for free but that becomes quite inconvenient. Other options to watch the series for free is that one can search for live YouTube channels where viewers can watch it for free.

Websites like ‘Dailymotion’ are also one of the most suitable options to stream the episodes of My Happy Marriage online for free. 

Final Release Date of My Happy Marriage (MHM) Episode 5  

My Happy Marriage Episode 5 has just been released on August 2. The episode can be streamed on the streaming service, Netflix only on subscription basis. In case you haven’t watched it then you can watch it on Netflix streaming service. Fresh new episodes are being released once a week. 

How Many Episodes Will My Happy Marriage Season 1 Have?

Released on 5th July 2023, the animated series will have a total of 12 episodes altogether. The 5th episode has just been released and there are going to be 12 episodes altogether. So far the series seems to have a lot of emotional turns in it which is being loved by the viewers.

The plot of the series has been quite captivating that the viewers cannot stop watching from the first episode. Therefore, viewers must have some patience to wait for the arrival of fresh new episodes every week. 

Is There A Trailer For My Happy Marriage? 

Netflix Anime Youtube channel released the official trailer for the first season of My Happy Marriage. The less than 2-minute trailer was released a month ago and received more than 820k views. The comments below have been showered with love for both the series and as well as the manga.

People have said that the story was pretty emotional and it was beautiful as well as sad at the same time which was pretty impressive from the creators. 

Story of My Happy Marriage Season 1 Episode 4

The fourth episode of My Happy Marriage begins with Miyo seeing Sumi ask Shinchi not to abandon Miyo. Shinchi refuses it thus resulting in Sumi apologizing to Miyo and telling her things will be different for her in the future.

Miyo seems to wake up from her sleep as if she had been dreaming. She then visits Yurie whom she tells that she wanted to get something for Kiyotaka. In the end of the episode viewers see that Miyo presents a gift which is a braid to Kiyotaka and Kiyotaka seems quite happy about it.

Kiyotaka says to Miyo that he had plans to make their engagement official and wants to be with her forever. Fans see that Kiyotaka asks Miyo to help him put on the braid and promises to cherish this gift from her throughout his life.

How Many Episodes Will My Happy Marriage Season 1 Have?

The series has a total of 12 episodes altogether in season 1.