Physical Episode 3 Release Date: 9 August

In the second episode of Physical Season 3, we saw Sheila, Greta, and Fidelia who are excited to embark on a shopping trip. They are doing this trip to discover Sheila’s new style. We saw Sheila trying various outfits, in the end, she opted for a bold and edgy look, leather attire, and her hair was spiked.

Episode NumberRelease DateRelease TimeTitleRun TimePlatform
Episode 3Wednesday, Aug 912:00 AM PTBurning Up35 minutesApple Tv+
Physical Season 3 Episode 3 Release Date Details

Recap till Physical Season 3 Episode 2: What happened on the show till now?

Sheila then attends one of Rita’s classes. This class of Rita triggers painful emotions, for Sheila. Later, we see John Mormon’s community facing turmoil due to a series of criminal acts.

Physical Season 3 Episode 3

John quickly takes action by organizing a neighborhood watch to catch the culprit. Surprisingly, John’s wife, Maria is the culprit who reveals all the crimes she had done. Her act serves as a plea for attention and help. 

Sheila’s Transformation and Emotional Journey in Episode 2

Following Sheila’s emotional breakdown in Rita’s class she then returns to her home and cooks for her daughter. We can see Sheila attending a support group and revealing that she was the victim of molestation during her teenage years. Despite her distress, Sheila progresses well by choosing healthier options.

Moreover, we can see Sheila’s ongoing self-discovery journey as she is shopping, attending classes, cooking for her daughter, and many more. In the end, we can see Sheila is getting ready to be on Wake Up San Diego.

We see Kelly coming back for Sheila, and Sheila decides to do things her way. Moreover, the second episode tells the story of Sheila who is changing for good and becoming stronger. 

What’s Expected in the Next Episode?

In the next episode, we are expecting that Sheila will have a wonderful character and she will be stronger than ever. Her TV spot will continue to become successful, it will further help her business grow rapidly. 

On the other hand, the real Kelly Kilmartin will hear about Sheila’s progression and start to panic. There might be an enemies relationship between these two characters. Both of them might begin to fight dirty, who will be trying to end each other’s careers. Danny might start to work out again, spurred on by his chase. 

Physical Season 3 Episode 3 Release Date & Time

The third episode of the show has been one of the most awaited episodes for viewers. It will be released on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, August 9 2023. The time it will be released is 12 AM PT. The title of its third episode will be “Burning Up” and it will have a run time of 35 minutes just like its other episodes.