How Could I Be On The New Season of Naked & Afraid? – Casting Process

Potential contestants from different parts of the country are very desperate to be a part of Naked and Afraid Auditions. Within one year, Naked and Afraid is going to air two seasons. We are sure all the fans and viewers would be feeling excited for the upcoming new season of the show. 

This would surely raise the question of potential candidates of how to apply for the next season of Naked & Afraid. If you have all the capabilities and fit all the requirements of the show, then we would highly recommend you apply for the show.

If you are confused about how to apply for such a reputable show then, do not worry we will talk about the casting process, the application process, contact information, and many more in this article.

What Is The Casting Process for Naked and Afraid Season 16?

One of the reasons why Naked and Afraid is so famous is because it allows anyone from around the world to participate. Yes, you heard that right if you fit in all the terms, conditions, and requirements from any part of the world make sure to apply for Naked & Afraid Auditions.

Most of the time, contestants who have applied for the show do not receive any instructions prior to the auditions from the officials. As a survival contestant, you must be ready to do anything whenever asked. 

Moreover, the casting process for Naked and Afraid typically includes an online and video audition. Yes, you are required to give an online and video audition as per the terms and conditions of the show. Before you upload your online and video audition make sure you have read all the terms and conditions. 

All the contestants who have registered for the show will undergo both medical and psychological examinations. The officials of the show will do these tests to ensure that all the contestants who have been shortlisted are both mentally and physically fit. 

Are They Accepting Applications for New Season of Naked and Afraid? 

Potential candidates who are still willing to apply for the 16th season of the show will be surprised to know that the applications are still open. Yes, the applications for the upcoming brand-new season of Naked & Afraid Auditions are still open and running on the official casting page of the show. 

To know more about the show’s application or casting status, you can follow their social media handles (Naked & Afraid (@nakedandafraid))and official website. Do not wait any longer and just apply for the survival show when it is still open and running. 

How Do I Apply for Naked and Afraid Casting? 

The application process for Naked and Afraid is very simple and easy. All the application processes for the show are done online. Do not visit any other website or social media pages to apply for the show. Below is the full guidelines or steps of how one can apply for the show:-

  • Renegade83 is the official casting website of the show, make sure to visit its official website 
  • After you have visited the website, you will see the official application page opened 
  • You will see lots of questions asked in the form which needs to be filled 
  • Make sure to read every question very carefully before you fill out the application form 
  • After you have filled out all the details that are being asked by the officials, do not forget to recheck all the information 
  • After you have rechecked all the information click on the submit button 

How Do I Contact Naked & Afraid Casting Team? 

It is best not to contact or disturb the official casting team of the show directly. After you have submitted your application to the officials of the show, you will get feedback from the officials. 

Whenever you are shortlisted or have been asked to conduct further steps it is the right time for you to ask all the questions you need to ask. If you are still willing to contact them then you can join their Discord channel. 

What Are The Requirements to Be Naked and Afraid? 

Here are the requirements to be on Naked and Afraid:-

  • The age criteria to be on the show is 18 years during the time of filling out the application form
  • You must not be a candidate for public office and you must agree not to become one 
  • You must have a valid identity proof of your citizenship
  • Candidates must have the will to submit medical information to the producer and the network partner of the show
  • Make sure to have proper background as it might be checked 
  • Make sure to give proper contact details while you are submitting your application form to the officials of the show

Is Renegade83 casting website still accepting applications for Naked & Afraid Auditions?

It seems that Renegade83 is no longer responsive, as we checked the social media account, it was last updated in 2019.