About Riverdale Series

Riverdale is an American supernatural horror crime drama television series based on the characters of Archie Comics. This TV show began back in the year 2017 and has got 7 seasons under its belt. Riverdale was successful enough to gain the attention it was supposed to get from viewers from all across the globe which is also one of the reasons why it ran for seven seasons. Fans and viewers of the TV show are already expecting another season already.

The showrunners of Riverdale really worked on their storyline which made viewers left hanging at the end of every season. This gave the team a chance to get good viewership from all across the globe. However, this TV show could have got a much higher rating from IMdb because it has only scored 6.6/10 which seems to be decent but could have gone higher. 

Riverdale Season 8 Plot & Prequel Ending 

The 7th season of Riverdale was released in March 29th 2023. It was earlier in the month of January 2023 when The CW announced the release dates for the seventh season of Riverdale. The CW had aired the seventh season of Riverdale on March 29th at 9pm immediately after a new episode of The Flash. So, all in all fans were very much excited about it and was relieved when it finally premiered after a long time.

The 7th season of the TV show picks up in 1955 as Veronica Lodge is seen making her way to Riverdale once again, as a callback to her arrival in the very first episode of the 7th season. Betty and Veronica’s fathers, Hal Cooper and Hiram Lodge respectively are seen to be alive, though only one has been seen so far.

Jason Blossom played by Trevor Stines whose murder had started the story of the TV series is no more as he is replaced by Cheryl’s twin by Julien.

Picking up from where the sixth season had left off, the seventh season is proving to be one of the most fascinating seasons of the series. Sprouse finds himself trapped in the 1950s. He seems to have no idea how he has ended up there and his friends are helpless as well since they are leading separate lives. The storyline gives suspense about Jughead and whether he is able to return to the present or not. 

Will Riverdale Return For A Season 8?

Well, with the premier of Riverdale season 7, The CW announced that his season’s last episode airing on 19th May 2023 will be marking the end of this fan-favorite series. This news has made it clear that there will be no Riverdale season 8 in the making. The 7th season being is still not wholly released is the final season of the series. 

Riverdale Season 8 Release Date

The 7th season of the TV show is the final season and there is not going to be anymore additional seasons. The final episode will be airing on May and that will be it because the original network has even made it official that the 7th season is the last season of the show. Riverdale was canceled due to the lease for some CW filming studios recently expiring and the network not being interested in committing to another several-year contract. 

Riverdale Spinoffs 

Katy Keene was a spinoff series of Riverdale that took place five years after the events of the former series. The show chronicled the origins and struggles of four aspiring artists trying to attain successful careers on Broadway, on the runway, and in the recording studio. 

Facts and Achievements Of The Series 

Some facts of the TV show are as the following:

  • The series was originally pitched as a time-traveling movie 
  • Jughead only has one beanie 
  • KJ Apa broke his hand during the finale of the first season 
  • Every episode of the TV show is based on a movie 
  • The showrunners wanted Sprouse to play Archie 

Some of the achievements of the series are as the following:

  • Teen Choice Awards For Choice TV Villain
  • MTV Movie & TV Award For Best Scene Stealer 
  • Kids’ Choice Award For Favorite TV Drama