Tay and Ari

We are sure all the Big Brother fans will be very happy and satisfied as the premiere of its brand-new season is nearing. Just like its traditional ways, all the houseguests for the upcoming new season have been revealed.

Many including us are very excited to see them on the big screen on the very first day of its premiere. In the upcoming season, we are going to witness two people competing together and they are Tay and Ari. 

Tay and Ari are one of the youngest competitors in the next round of Big Brother Australia. They are highly famous on various social media platforms and are very excited to be a part of the upcoming new season of Big Brother. Further in this article, we will talk quite a lot about this team.

Tay & Ari BBAU

Bio, Wiki, Age & More About Tay & Ari

Tay is a 23-year-old and is the elder sister of Ari. Tay hails from Queensland, Australia. According to her Instagram posts, we can see that she loves to dress herself up for any occasion. She is quite into the fashion industry and we are sure she has a good knowledge related to the field. 

Unfortunately, Tay has kept her family relations private and has not spoken about it. But, as the show begins we will surely learn quite a lot about Tay. 

Ari is a 20-year-old contestant in Big Brother Australia and is the younger sister of Tay. At this young age, she has achieved so much and is willing to achieve more in the future. Just like her sister, she is also quite a lot into the fashion industry. 

NamesTay and Ari 
Age 23 and 20
Profession Social Media Influencers 

Estimated Net Worth and Earnings 

Unfortunately, we do not know the total net worth of these houseguests but, being social media influencers we can give a rough idea of their income. The average income of a social media influencer in Australia is $52,500 per year. Other than this, contestants on Big Brother are paid. 


Both Tay and Ari are sisters and we believe they follow Christian ethnicity. 

Relationship Status 

Tay and Ari are just like best friends and it seems like they do not need anyone else when they have each other. Scrolling down both of their Instagram profile we could not see them with their loved ones so it is quite hard to say about their relationship status. 

Professional Life and Career 

Both Tay and Ari are very young contestants in Big Brother season 15 and they have already become famous Social Media Influencers.

Are Tay & Ari Twins?

Tay & Ari are sisters but not Twins, they have a age gap of almost 3 years.