The America’s Got Talent season 13 winner Shin Lim is a magician born in 1992. Shin Lim is a Canadian-American Magician. He has been famous for his magic tricks which he performs fluently. He got into the limelight after winning the AGT season 13 in 2019.

He worked on the Desperate Acts of Magic in 2013 and has been featured in some renowned talk shows after winning AGT. He has made his appearance in Penn and Teller: Try This at Home in 2020. He is 31 years old and surprises the audience with his variety of magical performances.

Shin Lim Biography/wiki

Shin Lim Magician from Colombia, Canada born in 1992. He has been famous for the magic tricks he has performed which mostly include his card tricks that captivate the viewer’s attention. His parents are from Singapore so in between they moved back to Singapore and later they moved to the US when he was 11 years old.

He went to the school of music where he started learning Violin which was given by his grandmother but the irony is he smashed the while due to frustration. So later he developed his interest in piano. Shin Lim was passionate about singing but when he was diagnosed with Carpal tunnel he took a break from music and piano.

Soon he decided to be a magician and started learning from YouTube videos. In 2016 his girlfriend Casey Thomas encouraged him to participate in season 13 of America Got Talent and with his spectacular magic skills he captivated the judges and America.

The card tricks and sleight of hands left the audience wowed and Shin Lim became the winner of AGT season 13. Shin Lim is on tours to mesmerize more audiences and he has been performing at the Miraz a hotel in Las Vegas.

NameShin Lim
Real NameLiang-Shun Lim
Date of birthSeptember 25, 1991
Place of birthColumbia, Canada
EthnicityHan Chinese
SiblingsYi (older brother) and one younger sibling
EducationNaval Base Primary School, homeschool in Singapore, Acton-Boxborough Regional High School, Lee University’s School of Music
DegreesPiano and Telecommunication
InterestsMusic, piano, violin, magic
Medical conditionCarpal tunnel syndrome
Career startYouTube channel Shin Lim
Career highlightsWinning AGT season 13 and AGT: The Champions, performing at Desperate Acts of Magic, Penn and Teller: Try This at Home, and various talk shows
Net worth (2023)$7 million
Current showMirage hotel in Las Vegas

Early Life/Career/Personal Life

Shin Lim was born on 25 September 1991 in Columbia, Canada. His full name is Liang-Shun Lim. He has done his schooling at Naval Base Primary School but his mother has chosen to enrol Shin Lim in a homeschool in Singapore.

When he was 11 his family moved to Acton, Massachusetts, US where he completed his further education. Shin has accomplished a dual degree in Piano and Telecommunication from Lee University’s School of Music in Tennessee. While graduating he was a part of Choral Union.

He has been passionate about the music from the age of 9. At first, he was interested in playing the violin but he smashed the violin due to frustration and got diverted towards the Piano.

Lim was interested in Music and magic only but his Carpal tunnel syndrome left him no choice but to get a break from the music However simultaneously during the break period Shin started his career as a magician.

Leaning from youtube youtube videos Shin Lim soon advanced to exceptional magic tricks and also created his own tricks. Shin Lim started his career journey through his official YouTube channel Shin Lim which has almost 1.25 million plus. 

Shin Lim’s Parents & His Nationality

Shin Lim and his parents are from Singapore and he is the second child of his parents with two siblings elder brother Yi and a younger one. Lim and his family are of Han Chinese descent. Shin Lim possesses American and Canadian Nationality.  

How Much is Shin Lim the Magician Worth Year-wise?

Shin Lim is well known for the magic tricks he performs. He mostly earned from the shows he performed at the different platforms. Shin Lim has a $7 million Net worth this year Also he has won the prize money on AGT.

He has been continuously making progress in his worth by expanding his magic talent. Here is the growth Shin Lim has made over the years in his worth:

Shin Lim’s Net Worth in 2024$7.0 to 9 Million
Shin Lim’s Net Worth in 2023$8.0 Million
Shin Lim’s Net Worth in 2022$7.0 Million
Shin Lim’s Net Worth in 2021$6.5 Million
Shin Lim’s Net Worth in 2020$6.0 Million
Shin Lim’s Net Worth in 2019$5.5 Million
Shin Lim Net Worth in 2019$5.0 Million

Magician Shin Lim’s Career Earnings

The magician Shin Lim is at the peak of his career with his cool magic tricks and splint of hands. He has a variety of sources from where his earnings come. Shin Lim has a net worth of $7 million as of 2023.

He earns mostly from shows, celebrations and YouTube videos. Also, a big chunk of his earnings comes from his tours and also for appearing in the shows. One of the sources includes his YouTube channel where he posts his magic videos presenting various tricks and magic.

He has almost 1.25 million subscribers with 153 million plus views which has contributed a lot to his career earnings. Just from advertising on Youtube, he earns approx. $300,000 due to his popularity.

Where is Shin Lim Now?

The America’s Got Talent winner is now performing his tricks at the grand venue of Las Vegas Hotel Miraz. He has also been touring with some of the incredible magicians around the world. After winning season 13 of America’s Got Talent Shin has opened many opportunities for himself and captivated numerous audiences.

He has also made appearances on shows like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The Ellen DeGeneres. He has also been on the popular talk show The Today Show. As of now, Shin Lim is performing at his show at the Miraz, Las Vegas. 

What is Shin Lim Doing Now?

Shin Lim who is popular as a Magician is currently doing his show at Mirage, Las Vegas called Limitless. Limitless is a show where Shin Lim represents his talent and surprises the audience with his excellent skills of hand and spectacular card tricks.

Performing at the Miraz is top tier for him as Miraz is the same hotel where the most popular American magician Siegfried and Roy performed their magic shows.

From a self-thought magician to performing at the renowned venue of Las Vegas Shin Lim has come a long way. Currently, he is at the peak of his career and continuing to entertain the audience through his magical performances.

Is Shin Lim married?

Yes, Shin Lim is married to his former girlfriend Casey Thomas. The couple got engaged in 2017 after Shim Lim won season 13 of America’s Got Talent. 

Who is Shin Lim’s wife?

Casey Thomas is Shin Lim’s wife as of 2023. Casey Thomas is a dancer by profession and used to be an assistant to a magician. They both got married in 2017 after dating for years.

Shin Lim gives his success credit to his wife and former girlfriend who support him. Shin Lim has mentioned his wife Casey pushing him to appear in the America’s Got Talent season 13.