The second part of The Callbacks has arrived with yet another tight competition among the contestants of each group. Previously fans and viewers had witnessed candidates from different groups getting accepted for further rounds and some had to leave for home.

Well, it is time for yet another such tough decision for the coaches to make as they have to cut their team short. Only the best of the best will taste victory from now onwards.

The Voice Au Callbacks Results 2023 – Episode 2 Eliminations & Callbacks

RitaTarryn Stokes“The Winner Takes It All”Battle Rounds
RitaGabby Asta“If I Could Turn Back Time”Eliminated
RitaEmily Kate“Believe”Ultimate Callbacks
JasonEthan Beckton“Let It Go”Battle Rounds
JasonJade Talbot“Set Fire To The Rain”Ultimate Callbacks
JasonChristian Ellis“Perfect”Eliminated
GuyJaydean“I’ll Be There”Ultimate Callbacks
GuyOvernight“What Makes You Beautiful”Eliminated
GuyElly Poletti“Emotion”Battle Rounds
JessShyjana“Rain On Me”Ultimate Callbacks
JessNenah Jones“Always Remember Us This Way”Eliminated
JessJade Taunton“I’ll Never Love Again”Battle Rounds
JasonTee & Raye“Thriller”Eliminated
JasonCallum“Ben”Ultimate Callbacks
JasonEtienne“Man In The Mirror”Battle Rounds
RitaNick Cunningham“Young Hearts Run Free”Battle Rounds
RitaBrenda Bressed“How Will I Know”Eliminated
RitaLevi X“I Will Survive”Ultimate Callbacks
GuyMaz Green“Forever”Eliminated
GuyCharlie Pittman“Teenage Dream”Battle Rounds
GuyShanae Watson“Stronger”Ultimate Callbacks
JessDillon Rhodes“Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag”Battle Rounds
JessTrisha Godinet“It’s a Man’s Man’s World”Eliminated
JessEzra Williams“I Got You (I Feel Good)”Ultimate Callbacks

Powerful Performances from Team Rita : Tarryn, Gabby, and Emily

The first team to start up the part II episode of The Callbacks came from team Rita. We see Coach Rita Ora conversing with her team and we also see that Coach Rita has decided that her first group would be Tarryn, Gabby, and Emily.

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She says they all have got strong, big, and incredible voices which is why she put them together in this competition. All three seemed to be strong enough and it was only assumed that the competition among them would be tight.

The Song Choices and Impressions

The artist that Coach Rita chose for her team was from the artist ‘Cher’. First, to take the big stage from team Rita was artist Tarryn Stokes singing the song, ‘The Winner Takes It All’ by Abba. She kept it low with a soulful tone throughout the song for which she got rounds of applause from the crowd.

Later in her son, she took her tone to a different level which felt quite energetic to the coaches. Next up from Team Rita was artist Gabby Asta with her song, ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ by Cher. She started with an energetic and confident tone which was appreciated by the audience as well as by the coaches. 

Soon after she was done came the youngster Emily Kate singing the song ‘Believe’ by Cher. She too started her song low and kept playing with her low and high notes which gave an overall good performance on the big stage.

But, now it was time to take the crucial decision by coach Rota Ora. Rita Ora says, ‘That was the best callback I have ever seen.’ Soon after, the three performed their songs. 

Rita chose artist Tarryn through the battle rounds. She needed a couple of minutes to choose her next artist who will be going for the ultimate callbacks as it was clearly a tense moment for her. But, she came back onto her seat and chose artist Emily for the ultimate callbacks while Gabby had to go home. 

Team Jason: Ethan, Jade, and Christian

Coach Jason chose songs from UK pop singers to his team members. His team members included Ethan who was assigned with the song, Let It Go by James Bay. The next member from team Jason, Jade, got the song Set Fire To The Ring by Adele and the third artist, Christian got the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

Soulful Renditions by Team Jason

All of these songs were very beautiful and at the same time quite difficult to master. It was a competition that no one was ready for. 

First came artist Ethan Beckton with his song, Let It Go by James Bay. Just like the song he started the song emotionally low with a little bit of highs and lows in the song. It was a great performance by him as it literally gave some chills to the audience.

Next came artist Jade Talbot with her song Set Fire To The Rain by Adele. The singer just nailed it and it was just like a beautiful cover of the original song. Soon after Jade was overcome by the third artist Christian Ellis with the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran. He just sang just the original song and coaches were impressed immediately he started off. 

The crowd kept cheering and applauding for all the artists as they all were great. But, it was time for Jason to choose only two to move forward in the competition show. Jason Derulo seemed to not have enjoyed that much as he expected a bit more from his team. Jason chose artist Ethan straight to the battle rounds and chose artist Jade to the ultimate callbacks and Christian had to head home. 

Team Guy: Jaydean, Overnight, and Elly

Guy’s Ensemble: Jaydean, Overnight, and Elly’s Harmonious Collaboration

Next up was artists from coach Guy Sebastian’s team. He chose Elly, Jaydean, and Overnight for the Callbacks round. Overnight was a group of five boys who performed an incredible blind audition.

Guy chose the song, Emotion by Destiny Child for Elly, and assigned the song ‘I’ll be there’ by Jackson 5 to Jaydean and chose ‘What makes you beautiful’ by One Direction for the Overnight group.

From the Heart: Jaydean, Overnight, and Elly Deliver Personal Melodies

First to perform was artist Jaydean and he started off emotionally which caught the attention of the coaches instantly. He immediately played with the high and low notes which only gave a magical toughness to his incredible voice. Next came artist Overnight and did an incredible job with the One Direction song. Their performance was quite entertaining as they not only sang but also added a touch of dance into it.

Rising Stars: Exploring the Different Auras of Jaydean, Overnight, and Elly

As soon as their performance was over came Elly Poletti. Her song was kept low yet it was a powerful one. The audience enjoyed her performance as she was able to connect with her song so incredibly.

Guy’s Predicament: Making a Tough Choice Among Jaydean, Overnight, and Elly

Well, now it was time for coach Guy to choose his best artists. Guy chose artist Elly directly to the battle round while he chose artist Jaydean to the ultimate callback while Overnight had to head home. 

Team Jess: Shyjana, Nenah, and Jade

Jess’s Gems: Shyjana, Nenah, and Jade Shine Bright in Group Showcase

Coach Jessica Mauboy grouped Jade, Shyjana and Nenah together for her first group in the callbacks part II. She chose them because she says that they are her young female pop artists.

Lady Gaga Revived: Shyjana, Nenah, and Jade’s Artistry Reimagined

All of them had performed very well in their blind auditions and it was time to prove themselves once again. Coach Jessica assigned her team with songs from the amazing Lady Gaga.

Soulful Expressions: Delving into the Heartfelt Performances of Shyjana, Nenah, and Jade

She assigned artist Nenah with the song ‘Always Remember Us This Way’ by Lady Gaga. Jess chose ‘Rain On Me’ by Lady Gaga for artist Shyjana and chose ‘I’ll Never Love Again’ by Lady Gaga for Jade. First to come to the big stage was artist Shyjana and like always she gave her best on the big stage.

Next came artist Nenah Jones and this time it was something different we saw in her performance. At last came artist Jade Taunton who once again set the stage on fire.

Jess’s Heartfelt Decision: Balancing Talent and Connection with Shyjana, Nenah, and Jade

Coaches loved each and every performance along with the audience. But, it was time for coach Jess to make the tough decisions. She chose artist Jade through the battles and chose artist Shyjana for the ultimate callbacks thus marking the end for artist Nenah. 

Team Jason: Tee & Raye, Callum, and Etienne

Jason’s Quartet: Tee & Raye, Callum, and Etienne Elevate the Stage

Coach Jason chose Tee and Raye, Callum, Etienne for his next set to compete in the big stage. Jason seemed to be super impressed with his next line of artists and was expecting a great performance from each of them. Coach Jason assigned them with Michael Jackson songs. His songs are very tough to perform and it was important for these artists to bring justice to his songs.

Echoes of Michael Jackson: Tee & Raye, Callum, and Etienne’s Captivating Tribute

Tee & Raye started off with the song ‘Thriller’ by MJ. Both of them showcased immense skill and talent on the big stage. Next came artist Callum with the song ‘Ben’ by MJ. Callum started with a low note but it was quite high later in this song.

Individual Flair: Tee & Raye, Callum, and Etienne Make MJ Classics Their Own

It almost seemed like he did an ideal justice to MJ’s song. As soon as he was done came artist Etienne with her song Man In The Mirror by MJ. It was yet another flawless performance by Etienne and coaches seemed proud of her performance.

Jason’s Call: The Journey Continues for Callum and Etienne

The audience cheered and clapped as the three artists were done with their performances. Guy loved the team and Rita commented saying ‘Incredible voices’. But, it was decision time as he chose artist Etienne for the battle round while he chose artist Callum for the ultimate callback stage while Tee and Raye had to leave. 

Team Rita: Nick, Brenda, and Levi

Next up was artists from Team Rita Ora. She chose artists Nick, Brenda and Levi for the callbacks part II. It was yet another tight competition to put up on the stage. Coach Rita was expecting a lot from the group.

Rita’s Trio: Nick, Brenda, and Levi Set the Stage Ablaze

She chose the song, ‘Young Hearts Run Free’ by Candi Staton for Nick. She assigned the song, ‘How Will I Know’ by Whitney Houston for Brenda. She chose the song, ‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor for Levi.

Candi Staton Resonates: Nick, Brenda, and Levi Craft Powerful Stories

First to take the big stage was artist Nick Cunningham. He came up with his guitar which was something different. Brenda Bressed came next with yet another powerful performance.

Vocal Prowess Unleashed: Nick, Brenda, and Levi Command the Spotlight

It was not just their voice that was powerful but her energetic appearance on the stage was a big plus point for her show. Soon after her came artist Levi X who once again did not fail to impress the judges.

Rita’s Decision: Navigating Between Nick, Brenda, and Levi’s Talents

But, it was time for Rita to make the tough decision. She chose artist Levi X straight for the battle round and chose artist Nick for the ultimate callback round while Brenda had to leave for home. 

Team Guy: Maz, Shanae, and Charlie

It was time again for coach Guy Sebastian to call up his team onto the stage. He grouped Maz, Shanae, and Charlie together for the callback round. All of them did great in their blind auditions and he was expecting a lot from them.

Guy’s Ensemble: Maz, Shanae, and Charlie’s Pop-Powered Showcase

Guy kept it ‘pretty simple’ for this group and assigned them some of the biggest pop songs that have ever been written. Charlie Guy chose ‘Teenage Dream’ by Katy Perry. Guy chose the song, Stronger by Britney Spears for Shanae and assigned Maz with the song ‘Forever’ by The Veronicas.

Pop Icons Revisited: Maz, Shanae, and Charlie Reimagine Classics

To take the stage in the beginning from team Guy came artist Maz Green. Her performance was simply great and the coaches wowed at her performance. After her came artist Charlie Pittman who started slow. It was a rollercoaster of soulful music with an emotional tone.

Vocal Diversity: Maz, Shanae, and Charlie Dazzle with Unique Styles

Soon after him came artist Shanae Watson who delivered a powerful performance that seemed like she did a great job and it was taking her to the battle rounds.

Guy’s Challenge: Balancing Maz, Shanae, and Charlie’s Artistic Flair

Guy apologized to Max and Charlie thinking that he chose the wrong songs for them. But, what they did was brilliant and Guy appreciated them. Guy chose artist Charlie straight to the battle rounds while he chose artist Shanae to go to the ultimate callbacks while Maz had to leave. 

Team Jess: Dillon, Trisha, and Ezra

This was the last group before the end of this iconic callbacks episode. Jess grouped artists Dillon, Trisha and Ezra. coach Jess teamed them together because she says that they are season performers.

All of them have unique voice quality and it would be a tough competition on the stage and would be a much tougher decision for coach Jessica. Coach Jess challenged these artists to sing James Brown.

Jess’s Trio: Dillon, Trisha, and Ezra Emerge as Seasoned Performers

Soulful Rhythms: Dillon, Trisha, and Ezra Infuse James Brown Classics with Freshness

Her team member, Dillon received the song, ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag’ by James Brown. Trisha received the song, ‘It’s a Man Man’s World’ by James Brown. Coach Jess chose the song, ‘I Got You (I Feel Good)’ by James Brown for Ezra. It was a tough battle and it was a tough song for each of these artists to sing on the big stage.

Rhythmic Intensity: Dillon, Trisha, and Ezra’s Passionate Stage Presence

First to come onto the stage was artist Dillon Rhodes who gave an energetic performance. He gave a touch of dance to his song which was magical and the audience enjoyed it along with the coaches. Then came artist Trisha Godinet who gave a simple yet an attractive performance.

The third artist after Trisha was the energetic singer, Ezra Williams. All Of them performed incredibly on the stage and had the coaches vibing to their music.

Jess’s Judgment: Navigating the Decision Among Dillon, Trisha, and Ezra

Well, it was time for coach Jessica to make the decision. Jason says to Dylan that he has got the best male vocal in the show. He thanked everyone for their performance. Jess chose artist Dillon to the battle rounds as he deserved it. She chose artist Ezra for the ultimate callbacks while it was the end for artist Trisha.