The Traitors Canada Season 1 Episode 3 Recap 

All the Traitors and Faithfuls are now selected by the officials of the show. The time has come to move a little ahead and do some crazy things. Previously, on Traitors the reality star, the magician, and the single mother started off with a bang. Let’s start with what has happened in the third episode so far. 

Early morning we can see some participants coming to the breakfast table. They started having conversations about who is the Traitor among themselves. One of the contestants on the show was targeting Mickey as the Traitor. Fierce, was saying the character Mickey was showing was the character that a Traitor would have.

While some of the contestants were having these conversations we heard a knock on the door and could see other contestants joining the breakfast table. They were followed by more contestants and soon all of them were at the breakfast table together having breakfast. 

It was Kevin and Fierce who was the drag queen who were talking about Melissa, they were expecting that she could be a Traitor. Kevin was talking to Fierce and was asking to watch Melissa very closely. Kevin strongly believes that Melissa is a Traitor and by his confidence, we know that he is going to do something at the end of the episode.

Very soon we can see a small recap where the Traitors are planning to cut someone down from the contestant’s list. A few seconds later, we can see Dr Nazilla reading out a letter given from the Traitors which reveals that she was out of the group. On the sidenote, Kuzie reveals that she is Faithful now and a Traitor by night. 

We can see Brandon and Melissa talking to each other about something very important. Brandon believes that Kevin is a Traitor and that is because he was the one who put Melissa’s name on the previous episode. Melissa reveals that she was going to be last on the breakfast table, she did come last but, she found out that Dr Nazilla was abandoned from the game last night so she was safe. After the breakfast was complete every contestant soon joined the host Karine about a new challenge. 

Karine starts her conversation by saying she is a huge art lover. She further adds that she has installed a high-end security system in the manor and she wanted all the contestants to test it out. By now, some of the contestants understood that this was going to be a new and exciting new challenge.

All the contestants had to move the exquisite pieces present in the manor room or from her gallery to the front of the room. With each piece removed, money will be added to the pot. Karine, the host further added that there are lasers in the room. All the contestants will have thirty minutes to steal as many objects as possible and each object will be worth their weight in gold.

Every time they touch the laser in the room a minute will be taken off from the clock. She also says that all the contestants will now be getting only two minutes to decide their strategy. 

Now, all the contestants are talking out their strategy and each is giving their suggestions. But, before deciding anything effective the two minutes time were over. All the contestants now followed Karine to her art room for the challenge. Everyone was excited about the challenge and seemed ready for it.

The first participant was Fierce and took the huge painting off from the wall but, he could not get it to Karine and touched the laser. The second person to go for the challenge was Mai who looked very confident but, she did not last long in that laser-filled room. The third one to come for the challenge was Crystal and she was very quick. She thought that the sword was the best object as it was heavier as well.

She took the sword and successfully completed the challenge and earned $1500. Then came Rick who was not very serious about the game as he was making other contestants laugh by making funny moves. He took an object successfully completed the challenge and added $2000 more to the pot. 

Mickey joined the queue and could not survive much longer in the laser room. Next came Melissa and she looked very confident and took a huge statue and added $2000 for her team. Now, after looking some successful attempts more lasers were added up in the room.

Kuzie came next and she took an object and successfully made it to the other side of the room adding $1000. Next was Leroy who took an object but he was touched by a laser. Then many contestants came in for their second round and were being touched by the lasers in the room. Kevin took the biggest object but, he was unsuccessful in the attempt. Donna took an object and completed her challenge successfully and added $250. The team stole $10000 worth of art from Karine. 

After the challenge was completed, Karine says to all the contestants that she would be seeing them at the round table. Now, everyone comes to the round table and very soon we can see Karine joining them. Karine asked all the contestants to discuss about what was going on between them.

Melissa was trying very hard to convince others that she is Faithful and is not a Traitor. It was Kevin who revealed before everyone that he was the one who brought up that Melissa could be the Traitor. Gurpyar believes that Magic Mike could be a Traitor and we could see a lot of heated conversations on the round table. 

Now, it was time to vote and everyone wrote their names on the slate given to them. Mai was the first to show her name and she wrote Crystal. Kevin’s name was Melissa, Gurleen’s name was Melissa, Fierce’s name was Melissa, Mike’s name was Melissa, Melissa A’s name was Crystal, Leroy’s name was Melissa, Gurpyar’s name was Magic Mike, Donna’s name was Kevin, Mickey’s name was Rick, Dominic’s name was Crystal, Kuzi’s vote was for Melissa, Rick’s name was for Melissa, Crystal’s name was for Melissa, and Mary’s name was for Melissa. It was Melissa B. who received the most votes and she was banished from the game. Everyone found a Traitor and they were very happy about it. 

Now, all the Traitors had a small meeting at night. There was a knock on the door and it was Karine who gives a black invitation to Traitors. She asks a Faithful to join the Traitor’s murderous ways. Karine asks to write down a name on the black invitation letter and she will send the invitation to the Faithfuls. If the Traitors choose to recruit then they will not commit a murder and if they do not write a name then they will have to murder someone. We will witness this in the next episode of the show.