NBC has always been known for its captivating shows. This fall, they will be releasing the highly anticipated series ‘The Irrational’. Starring the charismatic Jesse L. Martin from the renowned ‘Law & Order franchise, this show is poised to fill the void left by ‘SVU’ with a unique and thought-provoking twist.

‘The Irrational’ introduces Alec Mercer (played by Jesse L. Martin), an internationally acclaimed behavioural scientist renowned for his unparalleled insights into human behaviour. Mercer’s distinctive understanding becomes an invaluable asset in solving a myriad of high-stakes FBI cases.

As the show’s tagline suggests, “His insight and unconventional approach to understanding human behaviour lead him and the team on a series of intense, unexpected journeys to solve illogical puzzles and perplexing mysteries.”

When Is the new series The Irrational releasing?

The Irrational‘ is set to premiere this upcoming fall. To be specific, the show will be premiered on Monday, September 25, at 10 p.m. ET, exclusively on NBC. 

Who Is the Irrational Cast?

The series brings together a talented ensemble cast to bring its characters to life:

  • Jesse L. Martin as Alec Mercer: Leading the cast is the seasoned actor Jesse L. Martin, portraying Alec Mercer. Martin’s impressive career spans from originating the role of Tom Collins in the groundbreaking musical ‘Rent’ on Broadway to his nine-year run as Detective Ed Green in ‘Law & Order’ and his notable stint on ‘The Flash.’
  • Maahra Hill as Marisa: Maahra Hill steps into the shoes of Marisa, an FBI agent who frequently collaborates with Mercer. Hill has left her mark in various projects, including ‘Delilah,’ and she has made appearances in acclaimed shows like ‘The L Word: Generation Q,’ ‘Black-ish,’ and ‘How to Get Away with Murder.’
  • Travina Springer as Kylie: Travina Springer takes on the role of Kylie, Alec’s creative and younger sister with whom he shares his life. Her recent appearance in the Disney+ MCU series ‘Ms. Marvel’ has garnered attention for her exceptional talent.
  • Molly Kunz as Phoebe: Molly Kunz embodies Phoebe, Alec’s protegé and a psychology graduate student. Kunz has been part of an array of film and TV projects, including roles in ‘Widows’ and a two-episode arc on ‘Chicago Fire.’
  • Arash DeMaxi as Owen: Arash DeMaxi joins the cast as Owen, a fellow psychology grad student. His recent appearances on ‘Partner Track’ and ‘The Blacklist’ have showcased his versatility as an actor. 

Where Can I watch Irrational Season 1?

The series will be broadcast on NBC every Monday at 10 PM ET from September 25. In case someone misses an episode, they can stream the episodes the following day on NBC’s Peacock streaming service and the NBC app.

Is there Any Trailer for The Irrational?

NBC has released a much-awaited 30-second teaser that introduces Alec Mercer as the “behavioural science guy.” The teaser provides a tantalizing glimpse into the intriguing human behaviours and conditions that will be explored in the show. Following a wonderful response to the teaser, the broadcaster followed up with an actual trailer.

According to Mercer’s narration in the trailer, one can get a hint that the storyline revolves around the fact that understanding human nature can be a superpower, which is precisely why the FBI seeks his assistance.


This coming fall, NBC is bringing us an exciting and captivating show called ‘The Irrational.’ With the fantastic Jesse L. Martin leading the way and a great cast, the show is here to give the police shows a new twist.

It’s inspired by a popular book by Dan Ariely called ‘Predictably Irrational,’ which looks at how people behave. ‘The Irrational’ will take a fresh approach to solving crimes by looking at human behaviour. Make sure not to miss this intriguing addition to NBC’s fall lineup!