X Factor USA Audition 2024

X-Factor is based on the original reality show of the same name from the UK. Interestingly, in this show, we get lots of interesting singing candidates who literally win the hearts of many. Yes, singing competition shows need to pass through the audition process. Without going through the audition process you just cannot be a part of such a highly reputed show.

If we get a new season of X Factor 2023 then we are expecting lots of unique singing talents to enroll themselves. The audition process is the main part of the show. All the candidates must ensure they give their best during the audition process. 

Is X Factor USA Returning for 2024? 

We all know that X Factor USA is quite famous among other franchises around the world. Every year, the program gets lots of viewers and audiences as well. So, missing a season would be a very bad option for the officials of the show. A piece of good news for all the fans and critics of X Factor USA is that X Factor 2024 will be revived on NBC. 

Yes, you heard it all right, X Factor will be coming back for another season for all the fans and critics out there. Simon Cowell, the creator and one of the judges of the show confirmed that X Factor will make a beautiful return after a long time. 

X Factor USA Audition
X Factor USA

The last X Factor US premiered back in 2011 when the show aired for three seasons. Yes, X Factor is making a return after ten long years for all the viewers and fans across the country. We did experience some of the best singers in the past for example, Melanie Amaro (season 1 winner), Tate Stevens (season 2 winner), and the duo Alex & Sierra ( season 3 winner).

Other than these, we also experienced one of the most successful acts created in the show by none other than Fifth Harmony. Unfortunately, this group was placed third in the second season of X Factor USA. 

Moreover, we are going to experience some new talents in the upcoming new series of X Factor USA. 

X Factor USA Audition Process for 2024

To get into the audition stage one must fulfill all the requirements and criteria set by the officials of the show. Make sure to follow them strictly or else you might not be allowed to give your audition further. The audition process of X Factor in particular is just like any other singing competition show. 

The auditions are held in five different cities across the country. All the contestants who are willing to participate must show up, register, and wait for their turn to sing.

Now, when your time comes for an audition make sure you are prepared with three different songs and no backing track. Before going into the final audition stage you will need to sing for a number of show producers who are in charge of the final decision. 

Now, these producers will give the final audition if you can really sing in front of the celebrity judges or not. If you get approval from these judges then you will be eligible for the second round of the audition process which is the final process. The audition is generally not acapella, but, it can be if the contestants wish it to be. 

How to apply for X Factor USA? 

To apply for such a reputed singing competition show make sure to follow all the eligibility and requirements. Now, here is how one can apply for X Factor USA:-

  • The official application form for the upcoming season will be available on the official website of X Factor soon
  • After you visit the official website you will see a “Apply Now” button which needs to be clicked 
  • After you have clicked the “Apply Now” button make sure to fill all the information correctly 
  • You will need to fill out the application form and will need to decide how you want to audition for the show
  • You can either upload a short video of yourself singing a song or you could give the audition in person
  • Make sure to follow all the rules and regulations even for auditioning online and after you have completed everything do not forget to click on the “Submit” button present right below the application form.

At which channel X Factor US will premier in 2023?

X Factor US is renewed but the official channel has not been announced so far.