One of the contestants on season 15 of the show “Big Brother: House of Love” is Zach Davis. He is confident that he has what it takes to stand out among the other competitors.

In fact, he believes that his unique way of interacting with others will put a damper on their chances and leave them feeling left out. Zach is a complete package, and his entertaining presence is sure to be a memorable experience on the show.

Zach Davis

Zach Davis is a 27-year-old man from the town of Colac, located in the Virginia side of Australia. He comes from a rural area and spends most of his time there.

Zach is a very self-assured person and believes that he has all the qualities needed for the show. He is a renowned painter and is considered one of the best in the town.

Bio, Wiki & Age of Zach Davis

Zach Davis is a renowned figure in the painting industry and is well-known in the towns of Colac for his exceptional work. His popularity has earned him a place as a contestant on the reality show, Big Brothers.

At the age of 27, he is single and determined to showcase his charisma on the show. The big question is whether he will be able to navigate the drama and avoid eviction, or if he will be sent packing. Tune in to Channel 7 or 7plus on November 6th, 2023 to find out.

Estimated Net Worth & Earnings

The earning of a painter in Australia ranges from $74,000 per year with an earning of $34 per hour. Estimating this and his appearances on the reality show his net worth can be estimated to be around $100,000- $250,000. 

Although there are no mentions of him working any other jobs his net worth is estimated to be the same.


He is an English Australian from Colac,Victoria  Australia. 

Relationship status

Zach Davis is currently single and is onto the show of Big Brothers to find himself in some serious as well as dramatic relationship for himself.

Professional life & Carrier of Zach Davis

Professionally he works as a painter and can also be seen for his appearances on reality shows. Although is a very renowned and well known painter in Colac town of Australia.

His professionalism and his goodness in work made him recognised and showcase his appearances in reality shows.

Name Zach Davis
Age27 years
EthnicityEnglish, Australian
Net Worth$250,000
Zach Davis BBAu