Jasey Fox Biography: Who is Jasey Fox?

Jasey Fox is a multi-talented singer and an instrumentalist as an Australian Idol Contestant. He is quite famous for his unique singing talent. Interestingly, he is not only famous for singing but, is a dance trainer as well. He can just move his body as a professional dancer does.

Jasey Fox made the headlines when he appeared on Australian Idol Audition. This competitive singing platform made him a singing and dancing star. People just loved how his body moved to the tune and lyrics he sang. He can just make the audience attract using his body language.

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Jasey Fox Age: How old is Jasey fox?

He is just 26 years old and is a big admirer of Freddie Mercury. We have surely seen him dressed as one in some of the episodes. Jasey Fox is a singer and dancer from the inner city of Sydney. Jasey’s birthplace is Umina Beach, Australia and he is Australian by nationality.

Jasey Fox and His Journey as a Singer

Jasey Fox had an amazing life journey as a singer and as a dancer. He always had a passion for singing and dancing ever since he was a child. His parents on the other hand were highly supportive of his dreams.

Additionally, Jasey Fox is a huge fan of photo shooting. He has done an exclusive photo shoot for Unicorn Magazine. Jasey is an excellent songwriter and writes his songs on a treadmill. Jasey makes his vocals flow into the movement and dances along. This will come as no surprise that music lyrics and dance moves come in hand from Jasey Fox. He has done plenty of tracks with his producer Mitch.

On December 1, 2021, Jasey Fox released his first album into the world. The songs were 100% authentic and were written by himself and were produced by Mitch Mey his producer. The name of this unique album was ‘Horror Scope’ which was highly liked and appreciated by his fans on various social media platforms.

Jasey Fox Journey in Australian Idol So Far

Back on January 23, 2023, Jasey Fox revealed to the whole world through his social media account that he auditioned for Australian Idol. No one could believe that he could go through this highly competitive singing show in the country.

Jasey Fox sang the iconic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen and received the golden ticket from the judges. He was seen wearing a plain white vest and skin-colored pants during this audition and looked like his admirer, Freddie Mercury. Interestingly, he was also seen dancing while he was singing this song before the judges.

Later, he made it through the two rounds of Top 50 Week. His bandmates were Piper Butcher, Sash Seabourne, Angelina Curtis, and Amali Dimond. On the next episode, he was added to the Top 50 Week Solos and sang a beautiful song before the judges. This helped him climb the Top 24 list of the singing competition show. With his constant great performance, he made it to the final list.

Jasey Fox’s Net Worth

Being a rising star we do not know what is the net worth of Jasey Fox. But, we are quite sure he makes enough to stay happy and make his parents proud. We expect nothing less but, more opportunities and participation from Jasey Fox in the future.

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