Ben Sheehy Biography: Ben Sheehy Australian Idol

Ben Sheehy is a skillful musician, singer, songwriter, and guitar tutor who made it to the Australian Idol Top 10 finalist. He hails from Sunny North Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Interestingly, he is also a music composer who has composed many authentic songs for the Australian audience. You can know more about his music by visiting his official website.

Other than his musical journey and shows, Ben is quite active in conducting business. He has been running his private business since 2017. While conducting his business, he also focused on playing guitar lessons and played gigs with Jazz and Rock bands. Other than these, he has also created intricate and memorable film scores.

Ben Sheehy’s dream is to travel the whole world and participate in various locations. Other than that, he wants to become well-versed in different musical cultures. He always aims to build his musical literacy and he incorporates this literacy while he is working with clients from different backgrounds.

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Ben Sheehy and His Journey as a Singer

Ben Sheehy is surely a multitalented person. He had and is having a great musical journey ever since he stepped into the musical world. People around him have always supported him and appreciated the work that he is doing today. During his high school and graduation days, he took up a Bachelor of Music to know more about the field. He has successfully passed the tests and graduated o the field.

After completing his graduation in Bachelor of Music, he completed majoring in composition which he just loved it. Then slowly he came into the stages and started performing in different locations.

When Ben Sheehy was just 16 years old, he was seen performing for the first time after he filled for his music school. Entertaining is in his life, he revealed that he just loves people to entertain using his musical knowledge. We expect nothing less from this talented man.

Ben Sheehy Semifinal performance

Ben Sheehy Age

After digging the Instagram profile of Ben Sheehy, we get to know their actual age of Ben Sheehy. Ben Sheehy is 24 years old. Here is the post that suggests his age :

Ben Sheehy Journey in Australian Idol So Far

Ben Sheehy is surely not the youngest competitor in the show. But, he showed his talents and singing skills quite awesomely before the judges. People around the world have handsomely appreciated the work he has done on this singing competition show. Ben Sheehy first auditioned on Australian Idol on 25th January this year.

During his auditions, he sang ‘Whole Lotta Love’ by Led Zeppelin. His amazing singing skills in the auditions amazed all the judges and received the golden ticket. He then made it to the Top 50 of this highly competitive show. In the next episode, he was seen doing a group song and made it to the Top 30 on the competitive show.

Later, his solo performance on the song ‘Fortunate Son’ reserved his seat on the Top 24. He was just happy and excited about this and nothing else. Again on February 19th, Ben gave an electrifying song delivery and made it to the Top 12 and later made it to the Australian Idol Top 10 Contestant.

Ben Sheehy’s Net Worth

Unfortunately, we do not know the net worth of Ben Sheehy. But, if he is declared the winner of Australian Idol season 8 then he will receive a heavy price tag. But, as per his profession and career, we could surely say he has a decent income annually.

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