The Australian version of Big Brother has been quite an epic show ever since it started airing. From the very first season, we got to witness so many amazing contestants participating and giving their best on the show to win the title. But, according to the rules, only one houseguest can win the game and take it all away. 

Over the years, we witnessed 14 seasons and very soon another round will be premiering for all the fans and viewers. Here are all the winners of Big Brother Australia from the first season to the latest season:.

Season 1 – Ben Williams

The debut season of this amazing reality show was won by Ben Williams back in 2001. It has been reported that, after finishing Big Brother season 1 he moved into sports commentary before he became a husband and a father.

Currently, he is 41 years old and is the director and owner of his business, Players Ink. His estimated net worth is between $1 million to $5 million. 

Season 2- Peter Corbett

In the second season of the show after 84 days, Peter Corbett was crowned the final winner of the show. He currently works as a medical doctor and is doing very well in his life.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you the exact net worth of Peter Corbett but, winning $250,000 was a huge part of his life. 

Season 3 – Regina “Reggie” Sorensen

The third season was won by Regina popularly known as Reggie. She has become a popular Australian television personality.

Interestingly, she has won Big Brother twice and became the only person to do it. She won the third season back in 2003 and won the last season in 2022. Her estimated net worth is $7 million.

Season 4 – Trevor Buttler 

Trevor became quite famous after appearing in the fourth season of Big Brother Australia. Buttler is a famous Australian television personality and is best known for his appearance on Big Brother.

Interestingly, he is the only Australian to win $1 million. Unfortunately, we do not know his total net worth but we are expecting it to be $1 million. 

Season 5 – The Logan Twins 

After 100 days of participating in Big Brother Australia season 5, The Logan Brothers were crowned the winners beating Tim Brunero.

The names of these twins are Logan Greg and Logan David. Currently, Greg is a pub owner in Newcastle and Greg is reportedly working in the mining industry. Some reports claim that the total net worth of The Logan Twins is $10 million. 

Season 6 – Jamie Brooksby 

Even after losing so many challenges in the game, Jamie Brooksby found himself lucky and was crowned the winner of the sixth season.

He was just 22 years old when he won the sixth season of the show. Currently, he works as a property developer and is single. Many sources have revealed that his total net worth is estimated to be $6 million. 

Season 7- Aleisha Cowcher 

Aleisha is an Australian hairdresser and she is currently 37 years old. We must agree that she participated amazingly in the seventh season of Big Brother Australia.

After a decade of winning the seventh season, she is married and now has three kids. Unfortunately, we do not know about her total net worth. 

Season 8 – Terri Munro

After appearing in the 8th season, Terri Munro became quite famous in the country. She is currently 67 years old and has four grandchildren. Unfortunately, we do not know anything about her total net worth. 

Season 9- Benjamin Norris

Benjamin Norris was declared the winner of the ninth season after 87 days and was prized $250,000. Currently, he is working as a television presenter, radio host, and podcaster. Many sources claim that his estimated net worth is $5 million. 

Season 10 – Timothy Phillip 

After winning the 10th season of Big Brother Australia, he later went on to compete in Big Brother Canada season 4. Many believe that his total estimated net worth is between $1-5 million. 

Season 11 – Ryan Ginns 

Ryan Ginns was born in Mooloolaba, Australia and won the 11th season of Big Brother Australia. He currently works as a Graphic Designer and is doing very well in his life. Unfortunately, we do not know about his net worth. 

Season 12 – Chad Hurst 

Before appearing on the 12th season of Big Brother Chad worked as a personal trainer at celebrity hotspot ACERO. After completing his 12th season he decided to own a business. His estimated net worth is $5 million. 

Season 13- Marley Biyendolo

Marley became famous after he made his debut appearance on Big Brother Australia season 13. More people came to recognise him when he finally won the title of the show.

He was previously selected to the Victorian Boys School Basketball Team in 2007 and 2012 and received a gold medal in 2007. Unfortunately, his total estimated net worth is yet to be disclosed. 

Season 14 – Reggie Sorenson

She is the winner of the third season.