Bethany Byrne (28 years) | Melbourne VIC

One of the greatest jobs in life is being a mother, but many women lose their ambition as they juggle the demands of parenthood and career. However, Bethany Byrne who is from a Mormon family, has stepped up to face all the challenges and pursue her dream of becoming the next Australian Idol.

Bethany Byrne – Bio, Wiki, Age, Net Worth

She gave the judges the remake of Afterglow by Ed Sheeran, leaving the judges mesmerized. Bang! She got the golden ticket

Bethany’s voice has always been mesmerizing, and she has always had the ambition to do something with her talent. Her fear of being a single mom and managing everything caused her to take a break from singing, but now she is back and better than ever.

She came, she sang, and she won the hearts of the audience, judges, and everyone else watching. Her 18-year-old daughter, Sorrell, has always been one of Bethany’s biggest supporters and fans, and even all her family played a role in encouraging her to audition for the show.