George Mladenov & Pamela Mladenov’s Appearance on Amazing Race 

The Amazing Race Australia is set to make its premiere very soon and the cast has already been revealed. Yes, this time we are surely going to experience and witness something very different from the Australians.

Now, one of the couple who are set and excited to participate in Amazing Race Australia are George and Pamela Mladenov. 

Their name might not sound very Australian but, they have been living in Australia for many years. Many might get confused so before that we would tell you that their relation is siblings. Further in this article, we will be talking about the duo and what they think about the show.

DetailsGeorge MladenovPamela Mladenov
ResidenceSydney, New South WalesSydney, New South Wales
ProfessionLawyer, Author, Political OperativeHairdresser
Notable AchievementsRunner-up in Australian Survivor Brains v Brawns and fourth in Heroes v VillainsAppeared on “Dog’s Behaviour Badly”
HeightNearly 6 feet[Not specified]
Eye Color[Not specified]Brown
Hair ColorFairSlightly Brown
Net Worth[Not specified]Likely significant due to profession
CommentsExcited to participate in “Amazing Race Australia.” Dream come true for them.Excited to participate in “Amazing Race Australia.” A dream come true for the siblings.
George & Pamela Amazing Race Australia

George Mladenov Age, Bio, & Physical Appearance 

George is a 33-year-old resident who lives in Sydney, New South Wales. He believes that he has good strategic skills which will be very helpful once the show begins. Interestingly, he made it into the finale of Australian Survivor Brains v Brawns where he finished second and fourth in Heroes v Villians. 

George is a tall and fair guy from Sydney. His height is nearly 6 feet and he is very energetic in different activities. 

George Mladenov’s Net Worth

When it comes to George’s professional life, he is a lawyer, author, and political operative from Bankstown in Western Sydney. Many of us will surely know the average salary of a lawyer and an author. They earn a good amount of money if they are highly experienced in the field. 

Unfortunately, we do not have an exact figure of George’s net worth but, in the profession he works he surely has made a fortune out of it. Other than that, all the contestants in the Amazing Race franchise are paid which adds some value to his overall net worth. 

Pamela Mladenov Age, Bio, Physical Appearance

Pamela also known as Pam is a 29-year-old resident of Sydney, New South Wales. She is very much interested in having a fit and healthy lifestyle. Her hair colour is slightly brown and her eyes colour are brown as well. 

Pamela recently appeared on Dog’s Behaviour Badly alongside his sibling George. It seems like she and George like to achieve milestones together. 

Pamela Mladenov’s Net Worth

Pamela is a hairdresser in Banktown. The average salary of a hairdresser in Bankstown is $85,000 per annum. We are sure, Pamela has been in the field for quite some time and has gained huge experience in it. It adds a lot of value to her overall net worth. 

Pamela & George on The Amazing Race

When they were asked about the show, both said that when they were kids they loved only two shows and they were Survivor and The Amazing Race. This is surely a huge opportunity for both to show what they have got within themselves. It is a dream come true moment for the siblings. 

Moreover, they were very desperate and excited to be a part of the show. We are sure they will do everything they can to win the title.