Love At First Sight Release Date 

Netflix’s romantic trending page is currently featuring this amazing movie “Love at First Sight”. It is a 2023 American romantic comedy film which is directed by Vanessa Caswill. The story of this movie is based on the story from the 2011 novel The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight. 

Many are wondering what could be the release date of this amazing movie. The initial release date of this movie was on 15th September 2023. Yes, the movie has already been released.

Contestants of Love At First Sight 

Here are the contestants of Love At First Sight:-

  • Bill Hardy- He is an English actor who is highly known for playing Peter Beale in the BBC soap opera EastEnders. 
  • Haley Lu Richardson- She is a very young and beautiful young actress from America. She was seen in a television role on the Disney Channel Sitcom, Shake It Up. 
  • Jameela Jamil- She is a famous British actress and activist. Her life partner is James Blake and she began her career on Channel 4. 
  • Rob Delaney- He is a famous American comedian, actor, writer, and activist. Rob came into the limelight after he was seen in the TV show, Catastrophe. 
  • Dexter Fletcher- Many of us might have watched his films as he is a director and actor. He appeared in Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. 
  • Sally Phillips- Sally is an English actress, television presenter, and comedian. She was one of the writers and co-creators of Smack the Pony. 
  • Katrina Nare- She is known for her roles in Doom: Annihilation, Andor, and many more 
  • Jessica Ransom- Jessica is a British actress and writer. She came into the limelight after her role as a medical receptionist in Doc Marlin became famous. 
  • Tom Taylor- Tom is an English actor who was seen in a few notable roles. 
  • Ibinabo Jack- Another English actress in the cast who is known for her role as Theresa Sutton on the BBC Soap Opera Doctors. 
  • Tracy Wiles- Tracy has worked on radio, stage, television, and film. 
  • Alfredo Tavares- He is a Portuguese actor whose mother died when he was five years old. Some of his famous works are Trying, Juice, The Palace, Haunting of the Queen Mary, and many more 
Name AgeBirthday Profession Net Worth 
Ben Hardy322nd January Actor $4 million
Haley Lu Richardson 287th March Actress $1.5 million
Jameela Jamil 3725th February Actress $5 million 
Rob Delaney 4619th January Comedian, actor $12 million
Dexter Fletcher 5731 January Director and actor $6 million
Sally Phillips 5310th MayActress $5 million
Katrina Nare 303rd April Actress$2 million
Jessica Ransom411st December Actress, writer $6 million
Tom Taylor 2216th July Actor $5 million
Ibinabo Jack 40NAActress $3-5 million
Tracy Wiles 531970Actress$1 million
Alfredo Tavares NANAActor $2.1 million
Stuart Whelan 5822nd August Actor $1 million
Anastasia Zabarchuk 2627th January Actress $1-2 million
Celina Nessa 36NAActress NA
Love at First Sight Contestants 2023