Twister is a 1996 released action/adventure movie that is coming back with its sequel almost 30 years later. The production team has released some crucial information about Twister 2 casting call and hiring for extras. Twister received quite a decent rating from the critics and fans did like the movie as soon as it was released.

Twister 2 Stars

Twister 2 Comeback & Auditions

Now, with the movie hoping to bring out its sequel by the year 2024, interested actors who are looking to be a part of the upcoming movie may have a chance to audition for it. 

The story of Twister showcased Ben, who seems to be a storm chaser along with Jo, a meteorologist has put their impending divorce situation on hold in order to battle a series of violent tornadoes that are responsible for destroying Oklahoma City. The majority of the viewers have appreciated the movie and its excellent choice of cast but what could be expected in the sequel of this action/adventure genre movie?

Twister 2 Casting Call And Audition Details 

Freihofer Casting has officially announced earlier that the production team of Twister 2 is casting for extras for the sequel in the Oklahoma city area. It has also been revealed by the team that the extras will be paid $10 per hour with a 12-hour guarantee every day whether or not filming for the day is less than 12 hours.

A compensation of an extra $50 would be offered per day if their vehicle is used on camera. The extras will be notified in advance in case of the events of wind or rain in scenes and will be compensated $25 per day. However, there is no compensation for travel or housing cost.

The possible return of the original cast is to be expected in the sequel as well where Helen Hunt will be seen portraying the character of Dr Joanne Harding. Daisy Edgar Jones, Glen Powell, and Anthony Ramos. Actors who are looking to be a part of the sequel can get in touch with their agent and onboard for the audition process or the casting call process. It is possible that the original cast would be back once again to reprise their role on the big screen. 

How To Apply For Twister 2 Auditions?

There are various websites where interested actors can register themselves and get them considered for an audition in the sequel movie of Twister 2. However, the production team would want to hire someone popular in this line of field which is why they can connect with their agents and get themselves onboarded for the audition process. 

Another way to be a part of the upcoming movie is by directly attending the casting call which will be happening in Oklahoma City. The casting call for hiring extras can submit a photo to the casting office email address at ( 

Twister 2 Audition Process

The audition process of Twister 2 most probably be conducted offline where actors can come in in a venue to audition for a particular role. It would be a wise option to keep yourself updated with the latest updates from the concerned casting team. As of now there has been no updates regarding the audition process. This means that if the production team asks for an online audition then you would have to be ready for that as well. 

Application Process

As mentioned earlier that there are various ways to get in touch with the casting team of Twisters 2. One of the ways is to getting through a agent who will be getting in touch with the casting team and then you will be able to audition for a particular role. However, there are certain websites that do help candidates for being recommended for the audition roles. Some of these websites are backstage, through social media handles of the movie (if any). 

Twister 2 Release Date: When it’s going to release?

Twisters was a massive success at the box office when it hit the theatres in the year 1996. The movie had pulled almost $500 million in ticket sales which made the movie the second highest-grossing movie of the year.

This was bound to happen that one day a sequel would be made for the classic 90s movie and yes the production of the second part will begin soon around the month of May 2023. 

This means that the possible release date of the sequel would be in mid-2024. A date has been set for its release in the United States which is 19th July 2024. Only if the production takes place according to the timeline then this release would be possible. 

Twister 2 Casting Producer and Director Details 

Frank Marshall will be responsible for playing the role of the producer. The screenplay comes from Mark. L Smith. It was recently reported that Minari Helmer Lee Isaac Chung is in talks to direct the sequel movie. The producers will be releasing some crucial details about the casting process and as well as hiring extras.

Therefore, interested actors who wants to be a part of the upcoming movie needs to stay updated with the latest news and updates.