Hunted is an Australian reality television show that is inspired by the British reality television show that has the identical name. The show began on July 17, 2022 & received greater than 12 millions viewers hours in the three weeks of airing.

The show is an contest series that revolves around the teams of nine as they become ” fugitives” in pursuit of highly experienced hunters. Fugitives are released from a typical location prior to the beginning of the hunt. They are provided with an overnight bag as well as $500 ($200 cash or $300 with debit card).

Each team tries to use their skills to avoid the authorities for 21 days within Victoria.The fugitives who are able to avoid capture and reach the extraction point on time, will win a portion of the prize totalling $100,000.

Hunted Australia Overview

1GenreReality Show
2Created byNatalie Cattach
3Original languageEnglish
4Camera setupMulti-camera
5Running time47-78 minutes
6Production companyEndemol Shine Australia
7Original release17 July – 2 August 2022
8DistributorBanijay Rights
9Original networkNetwork 10
10ProducerNatalie Cattach
11Country of originAustralia
12Executive producerMarty Benson
13Original languageEnglish
14Picture FormatSDTV 576i & HDTV 1080i
Hunted Australia Overview

How to apply for Hunted Auditions 2024 – Season 3 ?

The Auditions for Hunted Australia are live now & hunted applications season 2 is live now. Here in this article we have covered all aspects to apply for the hunted auditions 2024. First you need to go through the eligibility criteria & requirements for Hunted auditions :

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Eligibility criteria & requirements for Hunted 2024

You can apply as individual as well as a team for The Hunted auditions 2024, here are the requirements to participate in the show :

  1. Applicant must be 18 years old or above.
  2. Applicant should be a Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia.
  3. Applicant should be applying in his/her personal and private capacity.
  4. Applicant should not be an employee of, or in any way associated with, any television broadcaster, news or media organisation, including any web-based media or other online platform or outlet, either in Australia or elsewhere.
  5. Applicant should not be a employee, officer, director or agent of the Producer or any television broadcaster or any of their related companies, associates, affiliates or licensees.
  6. Applicant should not be subject to any pending criminal charges or other court orders or proceedings.
  7. Applicant should not been charged, found guilty or convicted of any criminal offence (other than “spent convictions” that are no longer disclosable under applicable local law).

Guidelines to fill the hunted applications season 2

Step 1 : Complete your registration through the online form available at the official website of 10 Play, the link has been also shared in the article, read it thoroughly.

You will be having two options for registration, Solo & Team, fill out your details accordingly.

Step 2 : Sign in to your account using email-id & password.

Step 3 : Fill Contact details including name,birth date, gender & other contact details.

Step 3 : Tell producers about you & why you should be selected.

Step 4 : Media Upload – In this step you are supposed to upload your audition video with the following guidlines :

  • When you are filming, please make sure your face is well lit to be able to see you clearly and that you are not too close or too far away from the camera. 
  • Also make sure there isn’t a window or a lot more light behind you.
  • Sound quality is really important so it would be good to film somewhere quiet so we can hear you speak clearly. Please turn off anything noisy in the background like the TV, music or a washing machine.

Step 5 : Legal details – In this step, you have to share your legal details & history according to their terms & conditions.

How to apply for Hunted Australia Auditions 2024 ?

To apply for Hunted auditions 2024, all the details have been shared, you have to fill out the form at

What is the last date to apply for Hunded auditions?


Who won Hunted Australia Season 3?

Holly & Jimi won season 3 of Hunted Australia 2023.