Have you ever seen a 12-year-old competing with other contestants who are above her age on The Voice Australia? Yes, that is happening in the latest season of The Voice Australia. Gezel Bardossi hit the stage on the second round of blind auditions.

She is a 12-year-old girl who hails from Sydney, Australia and is currently the youngest artist of The Voice Australia 2023. She is something to watch out for if you have not watched her blind auditions. 

She is the youngest contestant ever to compete on the show, as the age requirement was lowered to allow her to audition. She has a passion for soul, pop, and blues music. She plays the guitar and the ukulele.

Gezel Bardossi Takes On An Aretha Franklin Classic Audition Video

Gezel Bardossi The Voice Australia Audition

Gezel sang ‘Chain of Fools” by Aretha Franklin in her blind auditions on The Voice Australia. Her voice surely did not feel like it was coming out from a 12-year-old kid on the singing platform. It was Jason Derulo who chair-turned the first and this happened within 20 seconds of her singing audition. 

Jason was followed by Jessica Mauboy and her reaction felt like she was blown away. It was a big “awe” on her face while she chair turned. Jessica was followed by Rita Ora and the whole audience stood for her. Immediately, after Rita Ora turned her chair, Guy Sebastian was impressed and did his too. 

After all four chairs were turned, she kept on singing and showing her talent. She was singing with full energy and from her heart. The vocals of Gezel pulled huge attraction from the superstar coaches. At the end of her blind auditions, she even received a standing ovation from all the superstar coaches.

Judges’ Reaction

All the superstar coaches were already giving their jaw-dropping reactions while Gezel was performing her blind auditions. Gezel gave her introduction and the moment she revealed she turned 12, people were shocked.

Jason Derulo said, “I am blown away” he later added that this is an incredible voice and that is why he turned around and wanted to look who was the master of that voice. 

Jason also said, “World Class talent is in Australia.” Jessica was still in shock that she was 12 years old. She revealed that she did not think that when she was 12 years old she was sounding like that. Guy said, “The thing that excited me is that the passion led with you and you will need to drink heaps of whiskey to get a voice like that.” Rita revealed, “Your voice has so much power and I have never seen anything like this.” 

Now, it was time for Gezel to choose her superstar coach. She asked her mother and father for their opinion. She then chose Rita Ora as her superstar coach and Rita Ora was just amazed.

Gezel Bardossi Bio, Wiki, & Net Worth

Gezel hails from New South Wales. Her singing talent is finally coming into the limelight the moment she gave her blind auditions on The Voice Season 12 last episode. 

Other than this, she has experience with some of the leading speaking roles in TVCs, US Series, corporate videos, and many more. Interestingly, her first support role was in the 2021 Aussie feature film, Public Eye. 

She might have performed in many shows but, we do not have an exact net worth figure of this young and brilliant kid.

What is the real age of Gezel Bardossi & where is she from?

Gezel Bardossi is a 12-year-old singer from New South Wales, who is currently a contestant on The Voice Australia 2023 Season 12.