Aquaman 2 Trailer: DC comics and their characters are something unique and so is Aquaman. When the first part of Aquaman was released, it received an immense amount of love and appreciation from the fans and especially from special effects designers. The special effects used in the first part caught lots of attention and praise. It was one of the reasons why the first part became a super hit and the officials are bound to make a comeback with its second part. 

The officials of the Aquaman series already knew that the first part would be loved and they were ready for a second part. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is the title of Aquaman 2 and everyone seems very excited about it. 

Who is Jason Momoa Aquaman 2? 

Jason Momoa is known for his wide range of roles in the entertainment industry. He is the lead character in the Aquaman franchise. Jason stars in the Aquaman series as Arthur Curry with his huge muscular body. 

Aquaman 2 without Jason Momoa as the lead character is like a pen without ink. The Aquaman series cannot be watched without Jason Momoa being the lead character of that part. Interestingly, we will see Jason Momoa returning as Arthur Curry in the second part of Aquaman. 

Jason Momoa Aquaman 2 Trailer

Glimpses is what we all are waiting for in the second part of Aquaman. Jason Momoa fans are eagerly waiting for his attitude and character in the second part of the most-awaited Aquaman. 

The official trailer of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is yet to be released by the officials of the franchise. Obviously, it has got its official release date as it will be released on 14th September 2023. 

Is Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Teaser Released? 

Interestingly, a short 30-second teaser has been released by the official YouTube account of DC. The official teaser was released yesterday for all the fans and viewers. 

We can see Aquaman fighting sea monsters and someone is saying “I’m going to kill Aquaman.” The small teaser surely looks intense and this time there will be lots of action in the second part. 

Where to Watch Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom? 

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is scheduled to make a theatrical release. You will need to watch the second part by visiting the nearest theatres. But, there is a piece of news that it will be made available on Max at a later date.