Amazing Race Canada is completing its episodes with a great pace. We are already more than half of this current season. The tenth episode of this show was completed very recently on 12th September 2023 and it was titled “Do You Want Some Candies”.

In the tenth episode of Amazing Race Canada, the race from all the contestants continues in Toronto. It is where the remaining contestants on the show will fight for their spot in the finale. 

All the playing teams faced a formidable challenge as their journey was east to Niagara-on-the-lake Ontario. The tenth episode starts with the remaining four teams and we can hear Jon narrating the further steps in the race. 

It was Ty and Kat who got the golden opportunity to depart first as they were the winners of the previous leg. This couple found out the double pass along the way to Montreal in the Saguenay Region, Quebec.

Jon, the narrator of the reality show informs the audience that only two teams will be allowed to change the course of the race. After Ty and Kat departed, the second in line was Tyler and Kayleen followed by Ben and Anwar. 

There was a team combination between Tyler and Kayleen with Anwar and Ben. These couples grouped up together to defeat Kat and Ty. Later, we could see Kat and Ty were having a difficult time navigating because none of them were fluent in French and that became a big barrier.

The entire team is seen travelling by train to Montreal except for Justin and Jermaine. The teams then start to find their next clue which was hidden in a compartment of car seats. They need to take that clue to Rio Tinto and then fine-read using a power microscope. 

They can only read the clue only if they stick all the words together. Tyler and Kayleen were the first to arrive followed by Deven and Amanda. On the other hand, Ben and Anwar were the last group to arrive at the spot.

All the teams had to reach the University of Quebec to find the Pavillion Parc Technologique, and they needed to find a snow chamber and had to create a snow frame. Whichever team would do this first would get their next clue from the professor at the University. 

After this huge hint, teams were required to go and reach Saguenay Paintball Karting with one of the team members. They needed to suit themselves up and had to go for go-karting, while the other member would coach using a Samsung smartwatch.

Tyler and Kat were great as they were doing everything perfectly. It was Justin and his team member who got the first double pass, Ty and Kat got the first position. 

After this, there were two more clues which were passing through the obstruction with a perfect pie and converting the numbers into alphabets. 

Still, after several more clues and obstruction Tyler and Kathleen came out first followed by Ty and Kat. It was Jermain and Justin who got eliminated from the tenth episode of Amazing Race Canada season 9.