The Amazing Race USA has recently completed its second episode the previous night and viewers are already witnessing eliminations of contestants.

The highly anticipated reality show arrived just a couple of weeks back where viewers saw the first elimination and the second one had occurred just in the previous episode. Let us see who got eliminated in this episode of Amazing Race USA 2023.

Elizabeth Rivera and Illiana Rivera has been Eliminated from Amazing Race USA Due to Navigational difficulties in Thailand

Amazing Race USA Elimination

Mother and daughter duo Elizabeth Rivera and Illiana Rivera got eliminated in the previous episode. The 52-year old and 27-year old team of mother and daughter had to sadly leave for home at such an early stage of the show. The team was facing some navigational difficulties which led to their elimination in Thailand.

They finished at the 12 position in a row which was the reason they had headed home. While Elizabeth was professionally a lieutenant who has now retired while her daughter is an entrepreneur. The duo wished to remain at the top in the series but their consistent failure in two legs did not get them to the further stages.

With these two getting eliminated the competition in the series has become much tougher. Contestants would have to remain focused on their upcoming journey or else they may be at higher risk of getting themselves eliminated.  

Remaining Contestants In Amazing Race