In the latest episode of the show, titled “Sleeping Arrangements,” couples are taking a significant step by moving in together for the first time. It’s a momentous occasion as the show hosts its very first couple’s party.

The episode unveils intriguing dynamics, including the story of Jacinta and Nemo, who found each other after three days of texting without knowing what the other looked like.

The singles in the show found their match after three days of texting having no idea what they looked like.

Jacinta and Nemo: A Promising Start

Jacinta’s First Impressions

We saw that 28-year-old Jacinta was about to move in with Nemo. She seemed very satisfied looking at the house of Nemo. She believed that there was an instant connection when they met. Jacinta who identifies herself as pansexual chose a straight guy Nemo.

This is why she reveals that, if she was dating a woman she would take the first move and currently she is dating a man so she hopes that he will take the first move. Very soon we can see Nemo coming to the house and he presents a gift to Jacinta which is a bottle of wine.

Jacinta being there first showed around the interiors to Nemo. Nemo immediately decided that Jacinta should take the master bedroom. Nemo decided to stay in the other room. 

We can see Jacinta dropping hints to Nemo. They were playing some question game where both of them were asking questions to each other. Jacinta was surely giving lots of hints to Nemo.

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Hints of Chemistry

Everything between Jacinta and Nemo is going very well. Both opened up about the sleeping arrangements. Jacinta reveals that she has no problem sharing her master bedroom with Nemo.

After 24 hours

We can see Nemo bringing up breakfast for Jacinta. She revealed that she felt very natural spending the last night together. Yes, both shared the bed last night.

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Alan and Jess

Alan’s Initial Reservations

It was Alan who came into the house first and was waiting for Jess to arrive. Alan revealed that when he first saw Jess, he did not have the spark that he was looking for. Jess was quite happy with the date she went earlier with Alan.

Very soon we can see Jess coming to the house and Alan helped her with the bags. Alan had already chosen his bedroom with the balcony and Jess took the other room. While Jess was unpacking Alan had gone to do some shopping. It did not look very good for Jess. These are some of the reasons why Jess believes Alan is not into her. 

After 24 hours

The vibe between them was going normal. Jess believes that they can have a friendship vibe. When they were texting each other, it was the perfect moment for Jess. But, that was not happening when they were in person. We can see Alan cooking and Jess loves the view. Jess was trying to change the awkward environment out here. 

Sam and Tamera

Tamera had now entered the house and Sam was waiting for the door to open for a long time. We could see Tamera doing other things in the house and did not hear any knock on the door. Some of the producers of the show asked Tamera to check on the door.

After a long wait, Tamera opens up the door for Sam. She revealed that she was busy putting her stuff in the cabinets and wardrobes. 

After a few hours, we can still see Tamera and Sam unpacking their first date. Tamera was expecting flowers from Sam when he appeared at the door. Tamera did not have a very good first impression of Sam. Sam directly raised the question to Tamera saying how she felt the first time she met.

Tamera said that she did not feel the initial spark and she did not want to pretend anything. It was obvious the response Sam got was very disappointing. 

Lisa and Sulei

Lisa was very excited to see Sulei today. She believes her date went very well in the previous episode. It was Sulei who was in the house first and very soon we saw Lisa entering.

Sulei was already asking Lisa about the sleeping arrangements. Lisa revealed that they should start off having their own rooms at first and then they will see how it goes. 

24 hours later

They were taking everything very slowly and having conversations to know each other. After spending a day Sulei reveals they did not have the spark yet. But, they are trying their best. 

Nellie and Daniel

Nellie was very excited about the next move that was happening. She wants to take things further and wants their relationship to blossom. Very soon Daniel comes to the doorstep and Nellie becomes excited. Both of them do get a lovely house and they just love it.

Daniel says that they should start with different beds to start. Like a gentleman, Daniel asks Nellie that does she needs help settling up. Nellie was quite upset as Daniel immediately decided to be in another room. 

After a few hours, we can see Nellie and Daniel sitting by the bonfire and having a conversation. Nellie was very much looking into something from Daniel but, she was not getting those vibes. Nellie opens up about the bed arrangements and Daniel reveals that he loves to have his own space.

When asked about attraction, Daniel was not very sure about Nellie. The conversations between them were pretty straightforward. 

24 hours later

In the morning, we can see both having a conversation over breakfast. They were talking about tattoos. Nellie was trying to establish a genuine conversation with Daniel but, she believes that both cannot even be friends. 

Sam and Emily

Sam revealed that Emily is surely not his type but, she was very intriguing. We could see both of them building good connections and having a glass of wine together. 

24 hours later

In the morning, we can see them doing yoga together. They were doing some quality things together. Last night both were watching movies in Emily’s room. Sam was very happy with how things were going between them. 

The Party: Revelations and Tensions Unfold

Everyone gets a message on their phone that they have to go to a party. Everyone from the show will be present. Everyone was getting ready to impress their partner. Daniel and Nellie were having a bad time. 

At the party, everyone met each other. It was the chance for everyone to come together and share their experience. The boys and girls got separated and were talking about their last two nights and what happened. It was the first Love Triangle couple party and everyone was having the time of their life. 

Very soon Emily understood that Nellie’s time with her partner was not going very well. Emily being a women’s advocate revealed that she looks after women. When Emily sees a woman having a hard time Emily jumps to them to help. She even goes and talks to Daniel about this.

Daniel thought all the girls were thinking negatively about him and it was pissing him off. There were two girls back-to-back asking him questions related to Nellie. The night ended with a good party for everyone except for Nellie and Daniel.