Who is in the Cast of Love Triangle Season 2 – 2023?

The reality dating show Love Triangle season 2 is set to premiere on 5th October with the all-new cast that includes six singles ready to find the love of their life. The show helps the singles to get matched with their potential partners by performing some challenges.

Each single gets two suitors, but the twist is they can’t interact directly at first, they can only interact with each other over calls and text. Although they can’t share photos and physical descriptions of themselves with each other. Depending on emotional connection the singles choose the one who they think is the best match after three days.

The matched couple then moved to an apartment to live together and as the two strangers lives together new challenges arises. With their problems, the couple needs to perform the challenges to stay on the show as a couple. The show doesn’t end with all the challenges the makers of the show test the couple’s love by introducing a third wheel.

The couple who survives all the challenges and stick together win the title of Love Island season 2 Winner. After watching all the drama, romance and scandals in the very first season of Love Triangle Stan is back with the Love Triangle season 2 to entertain the viewers. Season 2 will be available to stream on the streaming platform Stan from 5th October with new episodes releasing every Thursday. 

Love Triangle Season 2 contestants

The makers of Married at First Sight are coming with a new dating reality show Love Triangle Season 2 introducing six new singles hoping to get love on the Love Triangle season 2. So who are the contestants looking for love on the show? We have mentioned the contestant coming on the Love Triangle season 2.


The 32-year-old Alan unfortunately known as FBoy. the former Australian Football League player is a successful businessman by profession. He assumed to be looking for red flags in his partner.


A social media model from Victoria, Australia is 28 years old. The pansexual model Jacinta has over 10K followers on Instagram she had relationships with both men and women but in the past four years she hasn’t dated any man. Jacinta is confident and coming to Love Triangle in the hope of finding love.


The comedian from Tasmania is 25 years old. Nellie is high on sarcasm as a comedian but super low on her dating life. Especially as a comedian, she has a good sense of humor and comes to the show to find someone who will love her all her life. 


The business owner bored of his simple life and basic personality is set to find someone special that matches Sam on every point. Sam is 35 years old and from Western Australia has good looks and 


28-year-old social worker has never fallen in love and single for almost four years. The social media creator is a family man and looking for the same partner who will adore his family same as him.


The content creator and model Tamera is from New South Wales has high standards and has been single for five years. Even though Tamera has said about not having high standards but wants a partner who has a height of 6’5’’ or more than that and should be an Entrepreneur or athlete. 

Let’s see if Tamera and the other contestants can find their love and partner on season 2 of Love Triangle Australia.

Contestant NameAge HometownInstagram ID
Alan 32Victoria, Australiaajwal31
Jacinta28Victoria, Australiajacintasworld
Nellie25Tasmania, Australianelbel_
Sam35Western Australia
Sulei28Queensland, Australiasuleihunt_
Tamera26New South Wales, Australiatamerafrancis
Love Triangle eason 2 Contestants

Who is the Host of Love Triangle Season 2?

Ella Ding, the former Married at First Sight Australia 2022 star, is the host of the new reality dating show Love Triangle season 2. The show by the creators of Married at First Sight is coming on 5th October with its all-new cast.

Ella Ding is 29 years old and has shared a post on her Instagram announcing her being the host and narrator of the Love Triangle second season. She has shared a news section of daily mail on Instagram with a caption saying the newest edition of Love Triangle season 2 on Stan.

But this time she won’t be in front of the camera but behind the scenes narrating everything happening. Ella also talked about the opportunity that feels like her personal win and also talked about her life and experience of being single and dating in this cruel world in the hopes of finding love and also in being love. Concluded her post by expressing her excitement about Love Triangle and getting addicted to it. So set your reminders for October 5th.