An American Christian drama “Jesus Revolution” is what has been introduced in the 2-hour-long movie Jesus Revolution. The movie was released earlier this year in Feb 2023 (USA) and received quite a positive response from the audience.

What Is Netflix’s Jesus Revolution About?

The story and the casts featured in the film altogether had brought surprising entertainment which was loved and appreciated by the audience. The story is indeed based on a true story and a book. The story seems to be the story of America’s greatest spiritual awakening in its history. 

Jesus Revolution Overview 

Movie name Jesus Revolution 
Genre Christian Drama
Director(s)Jon Erwin and Brent McCorkle
Release date 24th Feb 2023 (USA)
Based on Jesus Revolution; by Greg Laurie; Ellen Santilli Vaughn
Duration 2 hrs 
Budget 1.5 crores USD
Box Office 5.3 crores USD

Is The Jesus Revolution On Netflix Available? 

Jesus Revolution is available on Netflix. Subscribers of the streaming platform in the United States can now stream the movie on Netflix. The movie may not be available on Netflix for all countries but if you are an American then you will be able to watch it on Netflix. Indians can watch the Christian Drama on Prime Video. 

Netflix Jesus Revolution Cast 

  • Jonathan Roumie as Lonnie Frisbee (Lonnie Frisbee was one of the Revolution’s most charismatic leaders. He plays one of the primary characters in the movie and his character seems to have interested the viewers)
  • Joel Courtney as Greg Laurie (The character of Greg Laurie struggles to find his identity but eventually he finds his purpose)
  • Kelsey Grammer as Chuck Smith (Chuck plays the role of a minister in the state of California who is in charge of a church named Cavalry Chapel)
  • Anna Grace Barlow as Cathe (Cathe is the future wife of Greg Laurie)
  • Kimberly Williams-Paisley as Charlene (Charlene seems to be a struggling single parent.)
  • Nicholas Cirillo as Charlie 
  • Ally Ioannides as Janette Smith 
  • Julia Campbell as Kay 

How to Apply for Jesus Revolution Audition?

The audition process is very similar to others. Currently, no audition is going on for this show, Stay connected with us as soon we will get any update we will share.

Where Can I Watch Jesus Revolution On Netflix Free?

Jesus Revolution is now available on Netflix and people residing in the United States can stream the movie only if they are a subscriber. Netflix does not offer any free trial which is why to stream the movie viewers must be a subscriber. You can also try for Hulu and stream the movie for free in case you are a new user as Hulu offers a free trial. 

Additionally, you do have the option to purchase the movie on Google Play Store for $19.99 and you can watch it in 4K video quality. The movie is still not available on Apple TV yet. In case you do not want to stream it online then you do have the option to download the movie from several websites. 

What Is Jesus Revolution On Netflix Release Date?

Jesus Revolution was initially released on Feb 24th, 2023 and got a theatrical release by Lionsgate (distribution partner). The movie landed on the streaming giant Netflix on July 31st and is already trending on the streaming service’s top 10 movies list.