Never Let Him Go: Fans and viewers are in awe after watching a series like Never Let Him Go. The first season of the series has just been released which is a four-episode doc-series that most people would find shocking as the storyline of Never Let Him Go is said to be based on a true story.

Viewers feel that the actors have given a justifiable role to their respective characters which only have made the series more realistic. 

What Is Never Let Him Go TV Series?

Never Let Him go is a docu-series that is based on the mysterious death of Scott Johnson, a 27-year old gay, American doctoral student. The story line of the series also revolves around Scott’s brother, Steve Johnson who wants to find out about what had really happened to his brother and the reason for his mysterious death. Steve somehow believes that even though the naked body lying under a cliff near Sydney in Dec 1988 was looking like a suicide for the public eye, but Steve insisted that his brother was actually murdered. 

Never Let Him Go TV Series Review 

Steve Johnson was somehow not convinced that his brother, Scott Johnson would ever take his own life. As the series progresses from the initial stages where Steve is portrayed as a grieving brother viewers would find more to the story of Scott ending up dead. The emotions were felt by the viewers as Steve kept his brother’s story alive as he always thought that if Scott had lived today then he would have been a brilliant guy and would have done excellent in his career. 

With all those things being said, the four episode docu-series will keep viewers at the edge of their seats. The director along with the cast and characters has done an impressive job bringing justice to their characters. The series being based on a true story is one more reason to watch the series. 

How To Watch Never Let Him Go?

Viewers can watch Never Let Him Go on Hulu streaming service. The series can be viewed for free on a free trial basis. If you are an active member of the platform then you watch it easily since you have got a subscription plan. 

Let Him Go Netflix Release Date 

Let Him Go had a Netflix release date on Nov 6th, 2020. The series is also available on different streaming platforms like Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu where viewers can only watch after purchasing it. 

Who Are The Contestant Of Let Him Go Netflix Cast?

  • Diane Lane as Margaret Blackledge 
  • Kevin Costner as George Blackledge 
  • Leslie Manville as Blanche Weboy
  • Booboo Stewart as Peter Dragswolf 
  • Jeffrey Donovan as Bill Weboy 
  • Kayli Carter as Lorna Blackledge

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