Who Is Shane Gillis? Shane Michael Gillis is an American stand-up comedian, radio personality, sketch comedy writer, and podcaster. This talented American was born on 11th December 1987 in Pennsylvania, United States and is currently 35 years old.

He completed his education from United States Military Academy, West Chester University and Elon University. Being a stand-up comedian he spends a lot of time at clubs and big cities and has earned quite the reputation because of it. His way of communicating with the audience is one of his greatest things. 

Real Name Of Shane Gillis

Shane Michael Gillis is his full name where ‘Michael’ seems to be his middle name and is not much known for it publicly. He is simply known as Shane Gillis. The American made his comedy debut back in the year 2012 and later in 2016 he won Philly’s Phunniest Person Contest. He launched ‘Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast later that year and has been a part of it actively. 

Shane Gillis Net Worth 

Shane Gillis net worth in 2023 is estimated to be around $400,000. This net worth comes from his multiple sources of income. The multi-talented comedian did not dwell on just a single source. His income comes from his live performances primarily while he is also active digitally as well which has been contributing to his significant net worth over the years. His growth has been significant over the past few years. It is all because of his hard work and dedication that he is achieving milestones and increasing his influence in the comedy circuit. 

Shane Gillis Different Earning Sources 

As mentioned earlier, Gillis is not just a stand-up comedian but also a radio personality, sketch comedy writer, and podcaster. He is also the co-host of Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast. It may be true that maximum of his earnings come from performing live comedy performances but he is quite active in other platforms and works. The comedian is also active on YouTube where he earns some revenues that contributes to his total net worth. Additional endorsements and potential partnerships is also one other thing that shaped Gillis’ earning. 

What Is Shane Gillis Special Netflix?

Shane Gillis has now come up with his own show on Netflix that is around an hour long. The show is nicknamed as Shane Gillis: Beautiful Dogs on Netflix website and mobile application platform. The show was released earlier last month where Shane riffs on his girlfriend’s Navy SEAL ex, touring George Washington’s house and being bullied by an Australian Goth. people simply loved the show and if you follow him then you cannot miss it out. Just like always, Shane has given an outstanding performance. 

Shane Gillis Special Netflix Release Date

Shane’s Beautiful Dogs was released on Sep 9th 2023. The show received good responses from the viewers as well as from critics. The show is available on the platform and viewers with an active Netflix account and subscription may view it whenever they like. Shane has selected an interesting topic for this show which will be giving off a few laughs and entertainment as well. So, if you haven’t watched it yet then you can watch it. 

Shane Gillis Special Netflix Trailers

Well, there is no official trailer for the show yet on YouTube or on any other platform. It seems that the show has been released without a trailer. But, that does not seem to have any problem because fans have loved his show. They will be wanting more from Shane Gillis in the upcoming years. For now, if you want to watch more of his comedy shows then you can watch it on YouTube as well for free.