Managing Performance Anxiety during singing show audition

Fast heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, and sometimes feeling tired are some of the symptoms of anxiety which is very normal during stressful situations. Sometimes or we can say that most of the time when people go for public speaking, and other such activities where they have to perform or present themselves in front of a crowd then they fall into the trap of anxiety. Here in this article, we have explained about how to overcome fear & anxiety during an on-stage singing audition.

It is very normal because people start worrying and fearing about such situations. Surprisingly, there are various ways and tactics that can be done when anxiety hits you hard during your singing performance. 

It is important to keep a positive mindset and it is only you who can help yourself during such stressful situations. Therefore, think positively and ultimately the outcome becomes positive. Different people will have different suggestions and tips to control anxiety and it is all up to you and your body to ensure that you are able to get some control of it so that you do not mess up your performance on the stage in front of a crowd. 

Understanding Performance Anxiety 

Music performance anxiety or performance anxiety seems to be very common for people performing for the first time in front of an audience. Even if it is the case for auditions there are many newcomers in this field who have never performed in front of an audience but are very good singers.

They feel the kick of music performance anxiety which makes them lose their confidence and thus they tend to make a mistake during the performance. Musical performance anxiety is the fear among performers that something will go wrong when they are about to sing. This could be like making a mistake in the lyrics or even forgetting something like that. 

Anxiety is caused to people who have had a difficult childhood but this does not mean that if he/she is performing a musical performance for the first time in front of a crowd will not be having it. If you are only thinking about your upcoming auditions then it is very likely that you will face such kinds of situations.

This will only create a backfoot setup for your overall performance which might not be your best performance. For the time being, it may create a bad effect on the ultimate results but later you will lose your confidence which could be a bad thing in the long run. 

It will have a negative effect on your singing performance. Therefore, it is important to keep a positive mindset and relax your mind before your performance. Now, there might be a huge crowd and strict judges but that should never affect your potential in singing because after your performance everyone will be going home and most probably will forget about it. 

Breathing and Relaxation Techniques

Now, the day of your singing auditions are here and you feel quite tensed about it already. So, what are you going to do about it because you are unable to think of anything else. You want to make sure that not only the judges but also the audiences should be impressed by your performance and it is your only chance.

Well, to a large extent this is true because you have to do your best but if you take the auditions positively not thinking about the results then you are going to be perfectly fine. But, it is easier said than done because you cannot control your mind when it keeps thinking the negative things all the time. 

This is when you should start working on breathing and relaxation techniques. Now, it is recommended not to take any kind of medications or drugs until and unless your doctor has prescribed you with it. Try some breathing and muscle relaxation techniques to calm your mind.

Make sure you have a balanced diet the night before and at breakfast in the morning. Drink plenty of water make sure that you stick to your regular routine. Now, there are some breathing exercises that you should focus on because it will help you relax your mind so that anxiety do not take control of it. 

  • Let your breath flow as deep down into your belly as is comfortable, without forcing it. 
  • Breath through your nose and out from your mouth 
  • Take deep breaths gently and regularly 
  • Then let it flow out gently, counting from 1 to 5 repeat the process until and unless you feel that you are relaxed. 

Positive Self Talk 

Now, it is a big day for you and it means a lot for you as a singer because you are going to perform in front of a crowd and reputed judges. You are going to represent not only yourself but your family, which makes you more nervous because once your performance is over, everyone wants to talk good about you.

Well, this is a common thing that you will never stop thinking about until and unless you feel confident enough that you are the best at what you are about to perform. Once you are done with the breathing and relaxation techniques you can do a little bit of positive self-talk which will only give the best results on your performance as you will feel more confident. 

Positive self-talk is the way you talk to yourself. It can be your inner voice as well. Even while doing it you might not be aware of it but yes you are actually doing it. It is this inner voice that combines conscious thoughts with inbuilt beliefs and biases to create an internal monologue throughout the day.

Now, there are two types of self-talk where one is the positive one and the other is the negative. Therefore, it is important that you only work on positive one. Challenge your thoughts or stop the thought in case you are having negative thoughts in your mind. 

Practice thinking good about yourself, think about the positive things like your strengths while you are self-talking. Everyone is good at something and so are you which makes you different from others. It will have several benefits once you are done with positive self-talk. Some of them are as the following.

  • Improve self-esteem 
  • Reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety 
  • Improve your body image 
  • Makes you feel more in control of your life 
  • Motivate you to overcome any kind of obstacles 
  • Most importantly it helps you remain calm in stressful situations 

Visualising Success 

The brain might be one of the softest organs in the human body but it is one powerful organ. Therefore, you must learn how to utilise such powerful things for the better good of your singing audition. Now, it is very much impossible to not think of anything when you are about to have your big auditions therefore you must think something positive.

You can visualise it as well thinking only the good things being done after your performance is over. You are receiving a standing ovation from the crowd and judges are impressed as well and they have decided to get you onboard for further stages. 

Think about how you are going to make a difference in the stage where several others will be sharing it as well. It is important to make sure that the negative thoughts do not kick in because that could become the reason to destroy your confidence and give you anxiety attacks. It may be a long way for the ultimate success but it is a positive start in your career and you have a long way to go. Think of it as a ticket to become one of the most successful singers in the globe where you will be performing in much bigger stages in front of thousands of people. 

Once you have set up your mind that you can do it and you are confident enough to perform in any stage then your performance will automatically be the best. It might even be the best performance you have ever performed. But, in the end, it is all about keeping a positive mindset and controlling your negative thoughts about it. 

Rehearsal Strategies 

‘Practice makes a man perfect’ is very much true when it comes to implementing the same in serious and stressful situations. Practice will only boost up your morale and when you think that you are confident enough then you can perform in any stage.

But, everything starts with constant hard work and practice because if talent will fail if you refuse to work hard. It even takes years for a musician to learn an instrument and therefore, if you only master the art of it by constantly pushing your limits then during your performance you will automatically feel less pressured. 

Many musicians feel the same way that practicing long hours effortlessly will help them during their performance but it is recommended not to vigorously do that because you need to take care of your body’s health as well. You can go for music lessons and learn from experts in the field which will give you a vast idea about the musical world. When time comes your knowledge about it will only make things simple and easy for you during your singing performance. 

Developing A Performance Routine

It is true when someone said that not all fingers are the same and similar is the case for people as well. This means that different people have different strategies and tactics to handle stressful situations. For example, John Legend eats half a rotisserie chicken before every performance. This is one way that John Legend feels that it will boost up his confidence before his performance.

Therefore, you must have one as well which might not be same as John Legend but something different that can put up the energy levels that is required to get the job done. It is not just famous singers that does such kinds of things but people from business field also do the same thing. Many CEOs of big companies have some sort of ritual before they go on stage or go on an important business meeting. 

In simple words it is called a pre-performance ritual which makes the performer feel confident before they put up a performance in front of an audience. A pre-performance ritual is any type of routine or a habit of a performer to enhance their performance, get into the right mindset, and in the end combat their anxiety. Similarly, you can find out what motivates you and you can do that before your auditions to give you the motivation and energy level it needs. 

Mindfulness and Meditation 

There are various ways to perform mindfulness and meditation techniques as there are many options for that. You can either go for a walk or jog but anxiety could hit you any moment especially when you have to audition for a singing competition show that is broadcasted worldwide. However, it is time that you find the right technique to get your mind in line so that you do not mess it up during your auditions. 

Some of the basic things that you could do is taking a walk, focus only on one thing at a time, leave your phone behind, and many such kinds of things. In short, do what makes your mind occupied for the time being and also that keeps you interested and happy. When it comes to meditation then once again there are many things that you could do like the common one is taking deep breaths and relaxing your mind and body. 

You just have to find the most suitable one for yourself which is bringing helpful results to you and your body. You can even consult with a physician or someone specialist who can guide you in this process. 

Managing Physical Symptoms 

It is very much likely that your hands will shake, you will start to sweat, and your heartbeat become faster than normal before your auditions. But, it is important that you keep things normal for your body because if your mind is not at ease then neither is your body. As already mentioned earlier you would have to find the right technique to keep yourself relaxed like drinking plenty of water, taking deep breaths, positive self-talk, and many more. 

It is obvious that just before your auditions you cannot go for a walk or do some yoga because that will not be necessary at that point of time. But you can do things like taking deep breaths, positive self-talk, and such. This will be the best way to mange physical symptoms of stress and anxiety like rapid heart beat, sweating, hands shaking and such. 

Seeking Support 

Support from your family members, friends, and relatives is very much important for you to move ahead in life. It is not just a simple audition but it is for your whole life that you would require a strong support system to provide encouragement and feedback.

Many performers those who audition for the first time and get through further stages have revealed that someone or the other has always had their backs their entire life and similarly you should also have someone. 

You might be confident enough to perform at the stage but you will always require someone to motivate you and push your limits for something more better. They could be your parents, your siblings, relatives, or someone who is your close friend. All you have to do is be open to them and who knows maybe they will be giving you the best advice you have ever received from someone. 

Redefining Success

Perfection is necessary but what’s necessary in the long run is personal growth. You have put up tireless and effortless hard work on singing practises and it should be something worth for you in your career as well. Do not let your energy and all the hard work go in vain because it is just a hobby for you. It should be passion and you must look for further opportunities in the field so that you can make everyone proud by showcasing your talent to the world. 

It is also important that you enjoy the successful journey. Do not forget about your family members and all those who have wanted the best for you during your initial stages. This should be the greatest motivation factor for you to move ahead and increase your potential globally. If you want to do it you can do it what it needs is the willingness and a stubborn heart to do it.