The Hedge Knight TV Series Casting Call & Auditions

After the announcement of “The Hedge Knight “title from HBO, the fans and followers are just going crazy and are willing to know more about The Hedge Knight Auditions and casting Calls. Further in this article, we will learn more about this series. 

The Hedge Knight is the very first story of Dunk and Egg. It is a short story written by George R.R. Martin. Many of you must have read the original story written by him.

This short story from R.R. Martin first appeared in the Legends anthology, which is a collection of stories by various fantasy authors such as Stephen King, Robert Jordan, and Terry Pratchett. 

Many believe that The Hedge Knight is going to be The Game of Thrones prequel. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight is what it is being called. This story is surely going to be a legendary one just like other knight stories.

Is The Hedge Knight Confirmed? 

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight has been confirmed by HBO. It is going to be an anticipated Game of Thrones spin-off series.

The show is presently in the production phase and now many are surely wondering about who might be the cast of this upcoming show. 

It has been revealed that this upcoming brand-new series will center on the lives of Ser Duncan the Tall. He becomes the future Lord Commander of Kingsguard and Aegon V Targaryen.

If you have watched the legendary Game of Thrones then you will surely know about Ser Duncan the Tall. It has also been revealed that the story of this series is set almost a century before all the events of Game of Thrones. 

Is Casting Done for The Hedge Knight?

The production phase of this most anticipated show might have started but, some sources say that the official cast announcement is yet to be made.

We can say that the cast announcement for this show has not been made but, we are sure the officials will take the best for the lead roles in this show and we are always excited to see them. 

Martin and House of the Dragon writer Ira Parker are the writers and executive producers of this show. On the other hand, Ryan Condal and Vince Gerardis are also the executive producers of this show. We hope that they choose the best cast for the roles that are present in The Hedge Knight. 

Who is in the Cast of The Hedge Knight?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you any news and details regarding the cast of The Hedge Knight as the cast has not been decided. The show is surely in its production phase but, the cast is yet to be announced to the whole world. 

Currently, the writers and all the officials who are working behind the scenes are giving their best of who could fit the lead role. We are sure they will choose the best one. 

How To Apply for The Hedge Knight Auditions?

Here are the steps of how one can apply for The Hedge Knight auditions:-

  • The first step is to visit its official casting website which is 
  • After you have visited this website the officials normally open up positions that they are currently hiring so make sure you read all the terms and conditions about it
  • If you think that you fit into all the terms and conditions then there is an “Apply Now” floating button on the side of the website 
  • There you need to fill in some basic details such as name, last name, birthday, and email address, give why you are applying for the role and finally click on the submit button 
  • All applications are considered by the officials but not all applications will be accepted so give your best.

Can I Be On The Hedge Knight?

If you fit in all the terms and conditions as per the requirement of the roles then you can surely be on The Hedge Knight. Make sure you have all the documents and other things that are required to be in such a highly reputed production house.