The Traitors got its recognition from the Australian version. The American version offers another level of adventure and emotions to the fans and viewers.  The Traitors’ format is based on the Dutch series De Verraders. Due to its high demand, the officials of the show thought of premiering its first season.

The first season of the show was released this year on January 12, 2023. It surely did not come as a surprise, the show was hugely appraised and loved by the American audience and viewers. 

The Traitors follows the same format as the original version of the show. In the first season, we saw twenty contestants who arrived at a castle in the Scottish Highlands. The winner of the show gets huge prize money which is $250,000. In this series, players are divided into two groups which are done by the host of the show. The two groups are known as “Faithful” and “Traitors”. 

Now, both groups have challenges and tasks to complete. If the ‘Faithfuls” eliminate all the “Traitors”, they will share the prize fund, but, if the “Traitors” make it to the end without being caught, they steal the winning money. Each week the Traitors who were selected by the host will be given the opportunity to “murder” one of their fellow players in the show.

This means one player will be eliminated from the show each week. At the end of each week, all the remaining contestants will vote to “banish” one of the remaining players in hopes of eliminating a traitor. 

This is how The Traitors season two will work if it premieres for all the fans and viewers. 

How to Apply for Season 2 of The Traitors Application? 

The application process of The Traitors US is very easy and simple. Potential candidates must know all the steps and procedures so that they do not face any problems while and after filling out the application form. Here is how one can apply for The Traitors season 2 application:-

  • The first and simple step to apply for the second season of The Traitors is to open your browser and search “The Traitors US Apply” 
  • After you have searched the above keyword you will need to click on Studio Lambert’s website which happens to be the official casting website of The Traitors US
  • After you open the official application website, you need to search for the application form 
  • After you have found the application form make sure to fill out all the details very carefully 
  • Before filling out the application form make sure you read out all the terms and conditions and all the rules before you fill out the form
  • Now, fill out the form very carefully with all the latest and updated details and recheck them before you click on the submit button below 

How to The Traitors Season 2 Audition? 

If you are willing to audition for The Traitors Season 2 then the most important process is to provide all the basic information in the application form carefully. You need to make a great impact and the best way is to give proper details and an introductory video while submitting the application form. 

The process for filling out the application form is given above. Make sure you follow the steps and process very carefully. 

What is the Casting Call Process of The Traitors? 

The casting call process of The Traitors is present in the application form of the show. Potential candidates need to fill out the application form very carefully. Casts for the upcoming new season are selected based on the application form and introductory video that they have sent. 

All the candidates need to submit all the forms very carefully. Make sure they catch the attention of the official casting director of the show. This will improve the chance for you to participate in the new season of The Traitors US. 

The Traitors Season 2 Casting Call Date & Time

The casting call date and time for the second season of The Traitors has not been confirmed. Yes, the official confirmation of the casting call date and time for the second season of the show is yet to be confirmed. 

As of now, the officials of the show are preparing for the second round of this amazing most-awaited show. 

Netflix Show: The Traitors USA Season 2 Casting & Application Deadline

Unfortunately, we cannot give you an application start date and deadline date for the second season of The Traitors USA. This is because the officials of the show have not declared the official confirmation date for the second season. 

Once the confirmation date has been revealed then we can soon expect the application and casting dates for the second season. 

Who is The Host of The Traitors? 

The host of The Traitors played a very significant role in the positive reviews and was successful in the debut season. Alan Cumming is the host of The Traitors. Fans and viewers of the show just loved the way he narrated the debut season of The Traitors US. We are expecting to see him in the second round of The Traitors as well. 

Is The Traitors Coming Back for a Second Season? 

There is a piece of good news for all The Traitors fans and viewers out there. Yes, the second season of the show is coming back for all the fans. The second season was confirmed by Peacock executives after the first season of the show was finished. 

What is the Release Date of the U.S. Version of The Traitors Season 2?

The second season of The Traitors US might have been renewed but, the official premiere date has not been revealed. Many are expecting that the second season will be released around January 2024. Until then the fans can watch the debut season of The Traitors US on Peacock TV. 

What is the Filming Location of The Traitors? 

The first or the debut season of The Traitors was filmed in the stunning and amazing Scottish Highlands. The background scenes of the location were just amazing and the viewers just loved it. We might expect the same filming location for the second season of the show. 

What was the Filming Schedule of The Traitors Season 2? 

The applications for the second season of the show were opened earlier this year. The filming of the second season was expected to happen during the spring and summer of this year. Unfortunately, we do not have the official filming dates but, we are hoping the second season will release soon. 

Where Can I Find The Episodes of The Traitors Season 2 Online? 

The Traitors Season 2 is yet to get an official release date from the production house. If you are searching or looking for the episodes of the second season of the show then you will not get one. But, you can still watch the first season of The Traitors exclusively on Peacock Premium. 

Who Are The Players/Cast of The Traitors Season 2? 

Unfortunately, we cannot give you the players or cast for the second season of The Traitors. The official premiere date, trailer, or any other details are yet to be revealed by the officials of the show.