America’s Got Talent is one of the most renowned reality shows one will ever find on this planet. Surprisingly, there are some strange and weird rules and regulations for the contestants and participants that they encounter while they are at the big stage.

Some of the regulations might be applied during the performance or it could be prior or even after the performance. Well, let us see some of the surprising regulations that contestants encounter at AGT. 

Top America Got Talent Rules For Contestants

1. The Unique Dynamic of Performing Before Crowds on AGT

Performing in front of a large crowd is a strange yet normal regulation on AGT. Unlike American Idol which is done privately only with the judges, AGT contestants have to perform in front of a crowd. If you are faint hearted and you’re about to perform a dangerous stunt then you will feel the nervousing pressure. 

2-Essential Identity Verification for AGT Contestants

Verification of identities is necessary. Before a contestant auditions on AGT, everything about their identity is revealed to the whole world. While age isn’t mandatory, one’s identity is still mandatory to be known.

3- Pre-Performance Interviews

Contestants have to provide a pre-performance interview(s). A weird thing to do before a performance isn’t it? Well, this is very normal for AGT contestants as the pre-interviews show the kind of attitude they are in before their performance. 

4- Reflecting on the Stage

A post performance interview is also done. As soon as a performance is over, the reactions of the judges are shown on TV and it is time for the contestants to express their feelings about performing on such a big stage. Even if you are too embarrassed about your performance it will be mandatory to give the post performance interview. 

5- AGT’s Buzzer Rule: When Judges’ Dissent Stops the Show

Contestants would have to stop performing as soon as all the buzzers are pressed. A contestant can keep going if only one or two buzzers are pressed but not when all buzzers are pressed. Pressing the buzzers by the judges means that the judges aren’t enjoying the performance. 

6-The Power of Personality: Beyond Talent in the AGT Spotlight

Contestants must have a winning or winner’s personality. Many performers come to the big AGT stage having high potentiality but good talents have been turned down before despite their material being good. The problem with them was that they were unable to engage to hold people’s attention. 

5-  From Victory to Touring: The Ongoing Journey for AGT Winners

Contestants have to keep on performing even after winning. Winner or winners goes on a victory tour to showcase the reason why they won the first place in the show. Now, it may be tiring for new talents since they are just being introduced to perform in a large crowd. This rule kind of seems to be a bit pushy towards new winner(s)

6- Global Exposure: AGT Contestants Shine Across Borders

Contestants have to accept being broadcasted in different countries. This means if you were to perform in the USA then your audition or your performance will be seen in places like Canada or the UK.

7 – Candid Captures: The Peculiar Practice of Recording AGT Auditions

Auditions are recorded whether it is online or offline. Being live telecasted is a different thing but recording auditions does not make any sense which seems a bit weird as well 

8-Age No Bar: AGT’s Surprising Lack of Age Limit Raises Questions

Surprisingly, there is no age limit to perform in the show. It may be a good thing but there should be an age restriction for conducting certain acts on a live show. 

9-Dress Code Rules: AGT Contestants’ Wardrobe Restrictions

Contestants are not allowed to wear anything that has got designer names, corporate or sports team names, logos etc. you will be asked to either remove it or wear it inside out or even wear additional clothing to cover it up during auditions. 

10-Personal Identity Over Brand Promotion: AGT’s Branding Policy

Contestants aren’t allowed to promote their own brands. It is a sad thing that viewers will only get to know your identity as a person only and not at things that you are conducting business about or any such background. 

11- Elimination Rules

Contestants can get eliminated at any time behind the scenes. 

12- Virtual Rules

Virtual auditions are taken before a contestant is selected for further process. Post virtual audition through live auditions with the producers the contestant has to answer a few questions asked by them. 

12- Voting Rules

Contestants need public votes to become the ultimate winner of the show. Contestants not only have to impress the judges but the viewers as well which is very difficult. 

13- America’s Got Talent Rules

Contestants need a majority of the votes from the judges to get past the first round. They have the absolute authority in the first round. The live audience is just there for viewership only. 

14 America’s Got Talent Rules

Winners cannot escape paying tax from the winning cash prize. 

15. AGT Rules

There are two options: winners can choose to receive the prize money. One, to get the cash prize straightaway and the other one is by receiving small portions every year. 

16 America’s Got Talent Rules

Contestants have to audition for the audition. A private audition is held with the production team before a contestant moves up to the big stage. 

17. Contestants need to wait for hours before they get their turn. Waiting for a long period of time has a chance of increasing the nervousness among contestants which is something that all contestants have to go through. 

18. Contestants aren’t allowed to be involved with the judges. It seems to be pretty weird because even if a judge is your favorite personality you cannot have the opportunity to get to know them personally. This will influence their critique and voting. 

19. Solo contestants have to sometimes compete with large groups to advance towards further stages of the show. 

20. Golden buzzer may seem a good thing but it is pretty much the same thing. It isn’t a lifeline and does not make a contestant immune from elimination. 

21. Contestants need to notify the security in case their act includes any kind of equipment like swords, fire, or any dangerous objects.

22. Under 18 contestants have to bring their parents for auditions.

23. You cannot bring animals on a whim either.

24. Singers are not allowed to use instrumental recordings in auditions.

25. Friends and family members have to wait outside. 

26. Contestants are sometimes left waiting to find out if they made it to the auditions.

27. Contestants have to be camera ready for the judge’s audition

28. Contestants are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement too.

29. Living expenses are covered for the contestants while filming. 

30. Another weird and awkward rule is that contestants have to be okay with hidden cameras.

31. Contestants aren’t allowed to post on social media that they are going to participate in the show. 

32. Contestants aren’t allowed to pick out their own costumes.

33. Your storyline may be controlled by the producers. 

34. While filming contestants are restricted not to take any kind of personal photos.

35. Contestants aren’t allowed to challenge eliminations as there is no second chance.

36. Producers also have the right to make voting decisions. 

37. Contestants wishing to appear on another reality show cannot appear right away as they have a waiting period of a year. 

38. Only the first place contestant receives the prize as there is no prize for runners up.

Being a Contestant, you must know about top 40 America Got Talent Rules For Contestants.